Antivan Wayfarer

Antiva is a coastal nation north of Ferelden and east of the Tevinter Imperium. While technically a monarchy, Antiva is really ruled by its merchant princes. It produces little of note but excellent wine, so trade is a way of life. Antiva is famous for its merchants and sailors, though it has little in the way of a warrior tradition. It is said that Antivans are good at everything but fighting. Or at least fighting on the battlefield. In fact, they excel at dirty fighting and Antiva is home to the most notorious guild of assassins, thieves, and spies in Thedas: the House of Crows. The Crows are part and parcel of the political structure in Antiva, though the identities of the rich and powerful that direct its council are a secret. The system seems anarchic but the House of Crows has proved a valuable safeguard to Antivan independence. While the nation may not have a standing army, the leaders of any invading force know that the Crows will get to them in the end. This is an effective deterrent to would-be conquerors.

Since Antivans trade all over Thedas, they are frequently found in port cities and other commercial centers. The Crows, too, export their services. They are valued for their skill, discretion, and professionalism.

Make the following adjustments to your sheet:

+1 Communication: Antivans are expressive and love to talk.

Choose one of the following ability focuses: Communication (Bargaining) or Cunning (Navigation)

Choose your class: Warrior or Rogue

You can speak and read Antivan and the Trade Tongue.

You have 3 advancement points that you must spend at this point on any combination of things from the following list.

+1 Cunning (2 Points)
+1 Perception (2 Points)
+1 Dexterity (2 Points)
Focus: Cunning (Evaluation) (1 point)
Focus: Communication (Seduction) (1 Point)
Focus: Communication (Persuasion) (1 Point)
Focus: Dexterity (Initiative) (1 Point)
Focus: Perception (Hearing) (1 Point)

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