Antiemetic Snuff (50 Gold): This snuff can be used to shake off the effects of nausea. If you take it before being exposed to an effect that would give you the nauseated condition and allows a saving throw, you attempt two saving throws against the effect and take the higher result. A single dose provides this benefit for 1 hour.

Bloodvine Rope (200 Gold): This 50-foot length of tough, lightweight rope is made from alchemically treated bloodvine , a rare scarlet-colored vine that grows only in warm jungle environments. Though prized by climbers for its durability, bloodvine can also be used to bind creatures. Bloodvine rope has a hardness of 5 and 10 hit points, and can be broken with a DC 30 Strength check. A creature bound by bloodvine rope can escape with a DC 35 Escape Artist check or a DC 30 Strength check.

Fortifying Brew (20 Gold): This liquid causes a pleasant warming sensation when consumed. For the next hour, you gain a +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear. Using more than 1 dose within 24 hours causes you to become nauseated for 1 hour.

Grappler's Grease (5 Gold): When applied to your body, this pale grease made from animal fat makes you more difficult to grapple. While covered in the grease, you gain a +4 bonus to CMD against grapple combat maneuvers. Applying the grease takes 1 minute, and once applied, its effects last for 10 minutes. You can't be wearing armor to gain the benefit of grappler's grease. Grappler's grease is usually sold in small clay jars that hold five applications.

Gravelly Tonic (50 Gold): This tonic is sludgy, and its scent resembles the tang of iron shavings. Drinking gravelly tonic causes your voice to deepen and become more grating for 1 hour, granting you a +5 alchemical bonus on Intimidate checks.

Reagent Paper (1 Gold): This slip of paper can aid in the identifying of liquids. Its color changes in accordance to basic traits such as acidity, salinity, or magic. This confers a +2 alchemical bonus on any Craft (alchemy) or Spellcraft check made to identify potions or other liquids.

Vomit Capsule (12 Gold): These small capsules consist of a concentrated mix of nausea inducing herbs. To use a capsule, you bite down and ingest its contents, which almost immediately cause you to projectile vomit. The vomiting lasts 1 full round, during which you can take no other actions. The following round you recover fully, and suffer no other ill effects. These capsules are most often used by rogues working in teams to create distractions and spectacles in order to draw people's attention away from their activities, as well as by those interested in faking illness, such as pugilists trying to throw fights or criminals seeking to create chaos during an arrest.

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