Archer Path

Your focus is on ranged combat rather than wading into the thick of things.

Powers: force screen, psychokinetic cannon

Skills: Perception, Ride, Stealth

Bonus Class Skill: Stealth

Trance: Beginning at 3rd level, while maintaining psionic focus, you gain a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls made with a ranged or thrown weapon (natural weapons do not count for this benefit). This bonus increases by 1 every four psychic warrior levels thereafter.

Maneuver: Beginning at 3rd level, you can expend your psionic focus and make a ranged trip attack as a standard action. If your target is flying, they are instead staggered for one round. At 7th level and every four psychic warrior levels thereafter, you gain a +1 bonus to your CMB when using this maneuver.

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