+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength: Arkaedraeks are lithe and personable, however their bodies lack muscle mass.
Medium: Arkaedraeks are medium sized creatures and have no bonuses or penalties based on their size.
Low-Light Vision: Arkaedraeks can see twice as far as a human in conditions of low light.
Disease Resistant: Arkaedraeks do not get sick easily, gaining a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saves against disease.
Dilettante: Arkaedraeks are born with a predilection for the arts. They gain a +2 racial bonus on any one Perform skill. Perform is always a class skill for arkaedraeks.
Spell-like Ability: Arkaedraeks may cast unnatural lust once per day as a spell-like ability. This functions as the spell, using the arkaedraek's character level as the caster level. The arkaedraek itself must be the subject of the attention.
Empathic: Arkaedraeks can easily sense the emotional state of others, gaining a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Motive.
Draconic Sorcery: Arkaedraek sorcerers with the draconic bloodline count their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer class abilities.
Languages: Arkaedraeks speak common and Draconic. Arkaedraeks with a high Intelligence score may choose bonus languages from the following list: Aquan, Ignan, Terran, Auran, Orc, Goblin and Giant.

Alternate Racial Features

Phase Shifting: As a move action, the arkaedraek can teleport short ranges. The distance she can teleport in one day is equal to 5 feet at level 1, and increasing by 5 feet at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. This need not be used all at once, but must be used in 5 foot increments. The arkaedraek cannot shift further than her movement speed in a single action. This ability replaces Empathic and Draconic Sorcery.

Exceptional Balance: The arkaedraek gains a +2 bonus on Acrobatics and Climb checks. This replaces Empathic.

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