Armor Abilities

Amorphous (+4500 Gold): Armor with this special ability grants its wearer a +5 competence bonus on Escape Artist checks and to CMD against grapple combat maneuvers. Additionally, once per day on command, the wearer (a long with any gear she is wearing) can take the form of viscous liquid that can pass through any space through which thick mud could reasonably flow. While using this ability, the wearer's speed is reduced by 10 feet, and she can take only move actions. The wearer can take this form for 1 minute or until she spends a move action to return to her normal form. Amorphous armor must be made primarily of leather, fabric, or another flexible, organic material.

Burdenless (+4000 Gold): Burdenless armor distributes the weight of the wearer's load more efficiently, allowing her to carry more without suffering the effects of encumbrance. The wearer's carrying capacity is increased by 50% across each load (light, medium and heavy).

Calming (+1 Bonus): Calming armor is dyed or stained a soothing color, usually blue. As a swift action, the wearer can create a 5-foot aura around her that quiets the emotions of any agitated opponent threatening her. A creature that is raging or under an emotion effect must succeed at a DC 15 Will saving throw or those effects are suppressed (but not dispelled) for as long as the aura persists. The aura can be used u p to 10 rounds each day, though the rounds don't need to be consecutive. Ending the aura is a swift action.

Jarring (+2 Bonus): A shield or set of armor with this ability causes unpleasant resonant vibrations in weapons that strike its wearer. As an immediate action up to three times per day, when the wearer is hit by a melee attack made with a weapon, he can activate the armor or shield to send jarring vibrations back through the weapon. The attacker must succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude saving throw or become dazed for 1 round.

Restful (+4500 Gold): A suit of restful armor permits the wearer to reduce the amount of uninterrupted sleep or rest she needs from 8 hours to 2 hours, and the wearer does not become fatigued by sleeping in this armor. She recovers hit points and ability damage and endures diseases, poisons, or other afflictions as if she had slept through the night in a comfortable bed, awakening refreshed. Additional rest time in this armor does not confer extra healing (as would be gained with complete bed rest), nor can the wearer benefit from the armor's effect more than once per day.

Sensing (+3 Bonus): A set of sensing armor compensates when its wearer has been blinded, is in total darkness (as long as the wearer doesn't have darkvision or the see in darkness ability), or is in magical darkness (as long as the wearer doesn't have the see in darkness ability). When one of these conditions affects the wearer, sensing armor immediately grants its wearer blindsight with a 5-foot range and blindsense with a 60-foot range. As soon as the wearer can see, the additional senses end. The wearer can't gain these abilities by closing her eyes.

Spell Dodging (+2 Bonus): A suit of spell dodging armor makes it more difficult for attacks from spells and spell-like abilities to hit its wearer, often physically pulling and pushing its wearer out of the way of incoming magical attacks. The wearer gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC against attack rolls from spells and spelllike abilities (including touch attacks) and the attacks of summoned creatures.

Spiteful (+7000 Gold): This armor's ability functions only if its wearer has the panache class feature. When a melee attack made by an enemy within the wearer's melee reach would reduce the wearer to fewer than 0 hit points, the wearer can spend 1 panache point as an immediate action. This allows her to make a single melee attack against the creature that reduced her to 0 hit points or fewer. This occurs prior to the wearer falling unconscious or dead.

Trackless (+7500 Gold): Trackless armor lightens the wearer's step and camouflages his appearance. Survival checks to track the wearer take a -5 penalty, and the wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks. Only leather armor or hide armor can be trackless.

Vouchsafing (+1 Bonus): Vouchsafing armor grants its wearer DR 5/- while she is unconscious, nauseated, stunned, or pinned. This DR stacks with any other DR the wearer already has. If the wearer is somehow able to take standard actions while unconscious, nauseated, or stunned, or is able to make attacks while pinned, the armor does not grant its DR.

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