Sheyinthilas : Artifact Musical Instrument (Arcenciel)
Bright : Artifact Sword (Blade of Phys)
Ungarato : Artifact Sword (Blightsteel)
Cane of the Winter Queen : Artifact Staff
Aku, The Demon Blade : Artifact Sword
Tenshii, The Celestial Blade : Artifact Sword
Hand of the Liberator : Artifact Gauntlets
Kyristrith : Artifact Spear
Legacy : Artifact Sword
Shi-no-ha : Artifact Dagger
The Briar Blade : Artifact Sword
Dragonslayer : Artifact Spear
Judgement : Artifact Axe
Lost Empire : Artifact Shield
Lunar Cry : Artifact Gauntlets
Lunar Sun Blade : Artifact Sword
Tears of Alewae'na : Artifact swords (pair)
Shepard of Angels : Artifact Staff

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