Avvar Hillsman

The Avvarian hillsmen, also known as Avvars, are a rugged human people who make their homes in the Frostback Mountains. In centuries past they were one of the many barbarian tribes that lived in and around the Fereldan region. When the Alamarri clans united 400 years ago under the first king of Ferelden, the Avvars refused to join them. The hillsmen were too independent, too proud, and too stubborn to pay homage to any king. Their continued raiding into the lowlands led to many long and bitter wars, but ultimately the Avvars alone could not stand up to the united forces of Ferelden. The hillsmen were driven back into their mountain homes, but no commander dared to fight them on their home ground. Since then there has been an uneasy peace between the Avvars and Ferelden.

Today the Avvarian hillsmen are largely isolated in the Frostbacks. They do trade with the dwarves and some Avvars descend to the lowlands to work as mercenaries or adventurers. Most people in Ferelden consider the hillsmen uncivilized barbarians, while the Avvars think their old foes weak and corrupt. It is thus no great surprise that there are still sporadic raids from the Frostbacks, but the hillsmen have learned to strike quickly and retreat to their holds before they are counterattacked.

Add the following to your character.

+1 Strength: Avvars must be strong to survive the mountain life.

Choose one of the following ability focuses: Communication (Animal Handling), Strength (Climbing)

You can speak the Trade Tongue

Choose either Warrior or Rogue as your class.

You have 3 advancement points that must be spent now, choose from the following list.

+1 Dexterity (2 Points)
+1 Communication (2 Points)
+1 Constitution (2 Points)
Focus: Communication (Gambling) (1 Point)
Focus: Constitution (Swimming) (1 Point)
Focus: Strength (Intimidation) (1 Point)
Focus: Strength (Might) (1 Point)
Focus: Constitution (Stamina) (1 Point)

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