Bard Masterpieces

Masterpieces that require saves are Will saves with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 The Bard's level + the Bard's Charisma modifier. Masterpieces that duplicate spells use the Bard's level as the caster level.

Name Description Performance
Ancient's Flight You compel dragons to recite an epic poem telling the story of their race's creation. Oratory
At the Heart of it All Your song pierces the heart of a creature's identity, weakening it against you. String, Wind
Clamor of the Heavens This confusing dirge of melody and counter-melody was composed for choirs celebrating various martyrs. It is intended to praise and magnify the glory of the lords, but to the uninitiated it sounds like a battle hymn. Percussion, Sing
The Canticle of Joy Your haunting melody is capable of shattering the very minds of those who hear it. Sing
The Cat-Step Your agile dancing allows you and others to fall safely and land gracefully. Dance
The Dance of 23 Steps This complex dance makes you difficult to strike. Dance
The Dance of Kindled Desires Each sway and shake of your hips calls up another temptation from the depths of Hell until your spectator, hapless and drooling, finally succumbs and freely offers up his life, honor, or very soul for just a taste of what you have proffered. Dance
The Depths of the Mountain Your drumming skills can break solid rock. Percussion, Wind
The Dragon and the First King You affect the mood of listeners by celebrating the defeat of the father of all dragons. String, Wind
The Dumbshow of Goric Your acting conjures hellfire and salt to destroy plants. Act, Comedy
The House of Imaginary Walls You can trap opponents with the power of your acting. Act
Legato Piece on the Infernal Bargain Your skilled playing can conjure up supernatural servants. String
Life Budding in Salted Earth This delicate tune suggests the determined sprouting of seedlings through barren, rocky soil. Sing, String, Wind
The Lullaby of Ember the Ancient You can put powerful creatures to sleep with the power of your song. Sing
Melody of Frightful Death The pain and horror of the Abyss shrieks through your instrument to make a listener experience the death she dreads most. String
Minuet of the Midnight Ivy Your winding, twisting dance is helpful in dodging obstacles and climbing. Dance
Pageant of the Peacock Your elegant movements cause you to seem to be more than you are. Act, Dance
Pallavi of Nirvana's Blossoming The divine sunlight caused by this dance banishes darkness and causes flowers to bloom. Dance
The Quickening Pulse Your driving notes cause unnatural heart rates in your opponents. Percussion, Wind
Rat Quadrille This repetitive, distracting melody wears down foes. Percussion, Sing
The Requiem of the Fallen Priest-King Your performance reveals ways to cheat time itself. Oratory, Sing
The Rheumy Refrain Your strange melody of hacking gasps and pained wheezes draws upon the dark powers of Abaddon to fill a witness with debilitating and distracting phlegm. Sing
Rondeau of Heavenly Order Your carefully structured song imposes rigid order on your listeners. Sing
Stone Face Your antics can soften even the hardest visage. Comedy, Oratory
Symphony of the Elysian Heart You spark notes of joy and freedom in your listeners. Keyboard, Wind
Toccata and Fugue of the Danse Macabre Your spooky music blurs the boundaries between life and death, confusing the senses of undead creatures. Keyboard, Wind
Triple Time Your lively cadence puts a spring in the step of weary marchers. Percussion, String, Wind
Vindictive Soliloquy Your bombastic speech creates booming reverberations of sound. Act, Oratory, Sing
The Winds of the Five Heavens You control the wind by telling a tale demonstrating the hubris of mortals. Act, Oratory
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