Basic Fighter


You have been hardened by the forge of war. You are a lord of the battlefield, studying the art of combat to shape yourself into a living weapon!

Apprentice Fighter Class Features

Fortitude Save +2
Reflex Save +0
Will Save +0
Hit Points 10
Base Attack +1
Skill Points 2
Skills Ability
Climb Strength
Craft Intelligence
Handle Animal Charisma
Intimidate Charisma
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) Intelligence
Knowledge (Engineering) Intelligence
Profession Wisdom
Ride Dexterity
Survival Wisdom
Swim Strength

Weapons: All Martial Weapons, All Simple Weapons

Armor: All Armor and All Shields.

Weapon Focus

Choose any one type of weapon. Whenever you attack with that type of weapon, you get a +1 bonus to hit.

When you are told that you have gained a level, follow this link:

Journeyman Fighter

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