Black Market

Cipher Rings (10 Gold): This set of bulky wooden rings is the key to a substitution code set at the rings' creation. A base set comes with two identical rings. Additional rings can be made for 4 gp a piece. Using the cipher rings' code enables you to create or decode a written message (no check required). Deciphering the message without the correct ring requires a DC 25 Linguistics check.

Dust Knuckles (25 Gold): This fingerless leather glove includes four small pouches sewn along the knuckle line into which you can insert tiny vials of brittle glass sealed with wax. You can fill the vials with ground glass or poison. When you punch someone i n the face, the vials shatter, releasing their contents into the target's face and eyes.

  • Diamond Dust Vials (25 Gold): These vials are filled with finely ground mineral crystals. When you shatter a vial with your punch, the target you hit must succeed at a DC 20 Reflex save to shield its eyes or be temporarily blinded for 1 round.

Portable Prison (200 Gold): This kit for a wagon provides a set of metal bars with a door for transporting imprisoned people or creatures. Though portable prisons were originally developed by traveling acts to hold ferocious animals, city guards commonly use them to round up criminals, and some bounty hunters hire them to transport large groups of prisoners. Most prisons come with locks; add the cost of the desired lock to the cost of the portable prison. A cage meant for people includes benches and rails for manacles. One meant for animals contains a trough for water and a smaller door for providing food.

Roperunner (50 Gold): You can place this metal contraption onto a taut section of a rope connecting a high point to a lower one, allowing you to slide down the length of the rope with ease. Using a roperunner requires only one hand, leaving the other hand free during the descent. Attaching the roperunner to a rope is a move action. Beginning the descent is a swift action. You slide down the rope at a rate of 60 feet per round . This requires no action on your part, but you must move along the length of the rope in the downward direction. Retrieving the roperunner once you have come to a stop at the end of the rope is a move action. You can let go of the roperunner as a free action.

Sleeve Holster (100 Gold): When worn inside voluminous sleeves, this leather holster allows you to draw a concealed hand crossbow or coat pistol as a move action. The weapon sits on sliders and is drawn directly into the hand. Unlike a wrist sheath, a sleeve holster is bulky enough that it is obvious on close inspection, though under a loose enough garment it might not provoke a reactive Perception check. An individual sleeve holster fits for either a hand crossbow or a coat pistol, but not both.

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