Black Seraph

The secrets of the Black Seraph discipline are taught by possessing fiends and demonic tutors to their pawns as a way of enticing fools who desire power into learning their secrets or the occasional few with wills strong enough to tear those secrets from their infernal prisoners. Not ones to blanch at the thought of fighting dirty, Black Seraph disciples are quite content to injure their foes in any way that they can to ensure their victory. This discipline focuses on powerful, straightforward two-handed strikes and vicious counters as well as intimidation, pain-infliction, and dirty fighting.

Key Skill: Intimidate

Associated Weapons: Axes, Flails, Polearms

Level 1 Maneuvers

Maneuvers Type Description
Black Seraph's Glare Stance Damage foes to make a demoralization attempt as a free action with a +4 profane bonus.
Gutstrike Strike Make an attack, chance to sicken opponent for one round.
Ravaging Blow Strike Make an attack, inflict an additional 1d6 points of profane damage and the target is shaken for one round.
Savage Stance Stance When wielding a weapon in two hands, -2 to attacks and add an additional 1d8 points of damage.
Strength of Hell Boost Gain +2 profane bonus to attack rolls, add 1d6 points of damage, -2 penalty to AC.
Voracious Dive Strike Charging attack, deals an additional 1d6 damage

Level 2 Maneuvers

*Requires level 3

Maneuvers Type Description
Fear-Eating Technique Boost Successful demoralization restores 2d6 +1/initiator level in hit points.
Inner Demon Strike Strike Attack deals an additional 4d6 points of profane damage; initiator suffers 1d6 points of damage.
Intimidating Force Counter Make an Intimidate check to avoid an attack.
Seraph's Wrath Strike Melee strike that adds +2d6 damage and forces your foe to make a Reflex save to not be knocked prone.
Shadow Feather Strike Strike Ranged touch attack that attacks your foe with feathers of shadow doing 4d6 + initiator level profane damage.

Level 3 Maneuvers

*Requires level 5

Maneuvers Type Description
Black Seraph Battle Stance Stance The initiator’s weapon gains the unholy special weapon property and he gains the benefits of a protection from good spell.
Savage Drive Strike Charging attack, deals an additional 4d6 damage.
Taunting Laugh Boost Make an Intimidate check to give your opponent pause, causing your foe to become demoralized and flat-footed.
Tendon Rip Strike Melee attack inflicts an additional 2d6 points of damage; halves the opponent’s move speed for 1d4 rounds.
Unfettered Progression Boost Make a 10-ft movement without attacks of opportunity, next attack inflicts +2d6 points of damage and ignores DR.

Level 4 Maneuvers

*Requires level 7

Maneuvers Type Description
Bilious Strike Strike Powerful strike that damages the target’s insides, inflicting +6d6 profane damage and nauseates.
Circle of Razor Feathers Strike Make a 30-ft area attack of cutting feathers, resulting in 8d6 points of profane damage and potentially sicken foes.
Vengeful Riposte Counter Make a free counterattack at target and target is staggered with agony.
Walk in the Dark Stance Initiator is surrounded by an aura of darkness, gains darkvision and may frighten foes within this aura.

Level 5 Maneuvers

*Requires level 9

Maneuvers Type Description
Abyssal Lance Strike Ranged touch attack which deals 10d6 points of profane damage, chance to stun.
Sensory Rip Strike Strike at the face of an opponent, inflicts an additional 1d4 Charisma damage and has a chance to blind the opponent.
Sharing the Dark Soul Strike Make an attack, deals an additional 8d6 profane damage, imposes a -4 penalty on Will saves and level to resist demoralization attempts.
Soul Consumption Boost Draw power and health from fallen foes, healing 3d8 plus initiator level upon killing a target.

Level 6 Maneuvers

*Requires level 11

Maneuvers Type Description
Abyssal Drive Strike Charging attack, deals an additional 8d6 points of damage, leaves foe sickened for 1d4 rounds
Black Seraph's Wrath Boost Make an Intimidate check, add the result as profane damage to next successful attack.
Razor Wings of the Black Seraph Stance Gain a fly speed, +2 profane bonus to AC, and gain the use of the Whirlwind Attack feat.
Shadow Raptor Swarm Strike A 30-ft cone of screaming, shadowy birds causing 12d6 profane damage and leaves foes shaken.

Level 7 Maneuvers

*Requires level 13

Maneuvers Type Description
Armageddon Lance Strike Ranged touch attack which deals an additional 14d6 points of damage and panics target.
Charge of the Ravager Strike Make a charge attack, may make a full attack upon target, make attacks on foes along charge path, inflicts +2d6 points of damage per attack without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Consumption Strike Strike Make an attack, deals an additional +10d6 points of damage, gain this damage as temporary hit points.
Devastating Riposte Counter Intimidate check against an attack, counter attack that adds 8d6 points of damage.

Level 8 Maneuvers

*Requires level 15

Maneuvers Type Description
Apocalyptic Strike Strike Damaging attack which deals 16d6 in 40-ft radius and daze opponents within for one round.
Soul Crusher Strike Strike which attacks the opponent’s will to live, inflicting +3d4 Charisma damage.
Vampiric Aura Stance 20 ft radius aura which deals 2d6 profane damage to all within it and heals a like amount to the initiator.
Void Seraph Strike Strike Ranged touch attack causing a foe to be covered in shadowy birds causing 6d6 points of damage per round for 1d4 rounds. This also this gives the foe a 50% miss chance for you and your allies

Level 9 Maneuvers

*Requires level 17

Maneuvers Type Description
Black Seraph Onslaught Strike Make an extra attack at your full base attack bonus, -2 to hit and to AC, deals an additional 4d6 points of profane damage and nauseates foes.
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