Cavalier Orders
Order of the Beast A cavalier belonging to this order seeks only destruction and chaos. Cavaliers of the order of the beast revel in destruction, and go out of their way to cause as much mayhem and disorder as possible.
Order of the Blue Rose The cavaliers of the order of the blue rose dedicate themselves to promoting peace in the lands they roam. Skilled warriors and adept diplomats, these cavaliers counsel wisdom, patience, and understanding, but are ever mindful of the need to take up arms to strike down aggressors, tyrants, or evil usurpers.
Order of the Cockatrice A cavalier who belongs to this order serves only himself, working to further his own aims and increase his own prestige. Cavaliers of this order tend to be selfish and concerned only with personal goals and objectives.
Order of the Dragon Cavaliers belonging to the order of the dragon dedicate themselves to a group of like-minded individuals, be it a mercenary company or a small band of adventurers. These cavaliers believe in loyalty and friendship, and are willing to lay down their lives to protect their allies.
Order of the Guard Cavaliers who join the order of the guard dedicate themselves to the staunch and unyielding protection of a specific person or object—generally one they have been hired to protect.
Order of the Land There are some cavaliers who dedicate themselves to the land and the people who inhabit the rural areas between urban centers. These cavaliers often lead untrained militias of revolutionaries in backwoods towns, fighting against oppressive governments or the savage elements that threaten citizens in their daily lives.
Order of the Lion A cavalier who belongs to this order has pledged himself to a sovereign; be it a king, queen, or even the local warlord. Cavaliers of this order are stalwart and dedicated to their cause, willing to go any length to ensure the safety of their lord and his domain.
Order of the Penitent Not all knights begin their careers as nobles' children or as squires. Some start out as thieves, murderers, or cheats, and only after they see the suffering caused by their crimes do they dedicate themselves to honorable service. Cavaliers who follow this order seek to make up for the crimes they've committed in the past, and do whatever they can to restore their tainted honor.
Order of the Scales Members of this cavalier order serve the cause of legal integrity. Many order of the scales cavaliers track down and apprehend fleeing lawbreakers so that these vagrants may answer for their crimes and make good on their debts. They often serve as judges or stakeholders, and work to ensure that wherever a bargain is made—whether it is monetary, a life debt, or an oath to be upheld—both ends make good on their promises.
Order of the Seal Cavaliers of the order of the seal are a secretive order, each charged with the protection of a specific object (such as a dangerous magic item), place (a lost temple), or secret (that a certain peasant is actually the last descendant of the royal line). Such cavaliers are the defenders of ancient traditions or the servants of rulers with important secrets to hide, sometimes having to search out such secrets in order to properly protect and preserve them.
Order of the Shield Cavaliers who join the order of the shield devote their lives to protecting the common folk, from the simple farmer to the honest craftsman. These cavaliers stand before the tide, protecting the innocent from roving marauders and hungry monsters.
Order of the Staff Cavaliers belonging to the order of the staff dedicate their lives to guarding and assisting spellcasters, especially wizards and druids, and to overcoming those who seek to destroy items and locations of magical import.
Order of the Star Cavaliers who join the order of the star dedicate themselves to the protection and service of a faith and its members. Cavaliers belonging to this order tend to follow many of the tenets and guides of the religion that they serve. When a cavalier joins this order, he should select a single religion to serve.
Order of the Sword Cavaliers who join the order of the sword dedicate their lives to the code of chivalry, living a life of honor, valor, and fairness. Cavaliers of this order tend to swear service to a lord or a lady. Of all the orders, the order of the sword is perhaps the broadest in terms of its focus and ideals.
Order of the Tome Knowledge is the stepping stone of both truth and power. The members of this order devote themselves to the preservation of knowledge. Most would protect written knowledge at all costs, but there are members that believe there is such thing as knowledge too dangerous to be allowed to exist, and seek to destroy it.
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