City Elf

Over two millennia ago the elves and dwarves were the powers of Thedas. The elves ruled above the earth and the dwarves below it. The elves spent centuries becoming master magicians, craftsmen, and artists, and it is said they were nearly immortal. When humans first arrived in Thedas, the elves gave them aid despite what they considered impatient and rude behavior on the human’s part. The elves were shocked when diseases carried by the humans began killing them. They were horrified when they discovered that just being near humans shortened their lifespan and made them mortal. They attempted to shut themselves away from the rest of Thedas, but the rising Tevinter Imperium attacked them with its legions and its blood magic. The elf kingdom of Arlathan fell and the survivors spent the next 500 years as slaves of the Imperium.

When freedom did come, it was all to brief. The new elf homeland, the Dales, tried to revive the lost culture of Arlathan. That included worship of the ancient elven pantheon and this the Chantry would not tolerate. It declared an Exalted March against the Dales, accusing the elves of blood magic and practicing other forbidden rites, and for a second time the elves lost their homeland. Some of the survivors became wanderers (see the Dalish Elf entry) but the rest were absorbed into the various human kingdoms. Here the so-called city elves still live as second class citizens, mostly working as servants and laborers. Few remember the culture of their heritage, fewer still can even speak elven any more, and almost none have a lifespan much longer than that of a human these days. They live in segregated sections of cities and towns known as alienages. Bitter and downtrodden, many city elves turn to crime. These rogues, all too common, only reinforce the prejudice most humans have towards city elves.

Add the following to your character:

+1 Dexterity: Elves retain the natural agility of their race.

Choose one of the following focuses: Dexterity (Stealth) or Perception (Seeing)

You can speak and read the Trade Tongue.

Choose either Warrior or Rogue as your class.

You have 3 advancement points that must be spent now. Choose from the following list.

+1 Cunning (2 Points)
+1 Perception (2 Points)
+1 Communication (2 Points)
Focus: Perception (Searching) (1 Point)
Focus: Cunning (Evaluation) (1 Point)
Focus: Dexterity (Initiative) (1 Point)
Focus: Communication (Deception) (1 Point)
Focus: Dexterity (Bows) (1 Point)

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