DA Character

Step 1 Abilities:

Communication: Covers your character's social skills, personal interaction, and ability to deal with others.

Constitution: Your character's fortitude and resistance to harm.

Cunning: Your character's intelligence, knowledge and education.

Dexterity: Your character's agility, hand-eye coordination, and quickness.

Magic: Your character's innate arcane power.

Perception: Covers all the senses and the ability to interpret sensory data.

Strength: Your character's physical prowess.

Willpower: Mental toughness, discipline and confidence.

All scores start at 0, and you may spend 10 points as you wish among them. The maximum score at this point is 3. (0 = Poor, 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Excellent)

Step 2: Background

Choose one of the following backgrounds and follow the instructions within.

Antivan Wayfarer
Avvar Hillsman
Chasind Wilder
Circle Mage
City Elf
Dalish Elf
Dwarven Duster
Ferelden Craftsman
Ferelden Freeman
Free Marches Burgher
High-Born Dwarf
Low-Born Dwarf
Nevarran Adventurer
Orlesian Exile
Qunari Beresaad
Surface Dwarf

Step 3: Follow the instructions below for your class.


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