Dalish Elf

After 500 years of slavery, the elves won their freedom as part of the rebellion that broke the power of the Tevinter Imperium. While liberated humans and barbarians from the south took over former lands of the Imperium, the human leader Andraste gifted the elves a region of southern Orlais as a reward for their role in the rebellion. Here they established the Dales, a new elven homeland to replace the long-destroyed kingdom of Arlathan. Despite the centuries of slavery, the elves remembered much of their heritage and in the Dales their culture had a rebirth. As part of this they began to worship the ancient elven pantheon and this ultimately caused their downfall. The Chantry in the Orlesian Empire would not stand for such heresy and it declared an Exalted March against the Dales. A second elven homeland was destroyed and most of the survivors went to live in human lands and became the city elves.

The remaining leadership of the Dales would not bend a knee to the humans, however. They chose a life of exile instead. These Dalish elves are descended from some of the oldest elven families and they retain a strong sense of duty to their people. They have taken it upon themselves to preserve elven culture and lore, so that when the day comes that the elves once again have a homeland they can teach the ancient ways to their city elf brethren. Until that time the Dalish elves wander in the ornately carved wagons they call aravel. Called landships by the humans, aravel are pulled by halla, a unique breed of white stag that originated in long lost Arlathan. The Dalish elves travel in small family groups for the most part and do not stay in one place for long. Rumor has it that they have rediscovered the secrets of elven magic, but if that is true no human has seen proof of it.

Add the following to your character:

+1 Willpower: The stubbornness of the Dalish is legendary.

Choose one of the following focuses: Dexterity (Bows) or Willpower (Courage)

You can speak and read the Trade Tongue, you can Speak Elven

You can be either Warrior or Rogue

You have 3 advancement points that must be spent now. Choose from the following list:

+1 Communication (2 Points)
+1 Dexterity (2 Points)
+1 Perception (2 Points)
Focus: Perception (Seeing) (1 Point)
Focus: Perception (Hearing) (1 Point)
Focus: Cunning (Cultural Lore) (1 Point)
Focus: Dexterity (Self-Discipline) (1 Point)
Focus: Perception (Riding) (1 Point)

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