+5 Unholy Cold Iron Scythe

If Deathcurse deals at least 5 damage with a melee attack it will gain one charge for every 5 damage it deals. (Rounded down). Deathcurse can hold up to 50 charges at a time. On a confirmed critical hit, Deathcurse automatically gains 5 charges. If Deathcurse is used to deliver a coup de grace against a helpless, living target, it automatically gains all of the charges that it can hold. Deathcurse cannot gain charges from damaging Undead or Constructs.

Charges can be spent to deal negative energy damage to the wielder as a standard action, or to a single target with a successful attack roll or touch attack. Each charge spent deals 1d6 negative energy damage.

Deathcurse also functions as a Staff of Necromancy

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