Standard Drinks

Coffee 25 gp
Adventurer grade coffee is strong enough to negate the penalties for being fatigued for 1 hour after drinking. Price is for enough grounds to make one small pot (4 servings).

Jungle Coffee 75 gp
Jungle coffee is even stronger, and more bitter than adventuring coffee. Favored among adventurers that do not need to rest and prepare spells, jungle coffee can bring someone to full wakefulness after only 4 hours of sleep with no penalty for the day. Price is for enough grounds to make one small pot (4 servings).

Khave 20 gp
A type of coffee served with generous helpings of milk, sugar and spices to counteract the bitterness. Khave is popular among nobles around the world and with many people that live in desert climates. Price is for enough grounds to make one small pot (4 servings).

Tea 5 gp
Popular worldwide and available in both black and green varieties. Price is for one small pot (4 servings).

Ale and Beer

Ale 1 gp
Typical, but good-quality ale made on-site. Price is for a mini-keg (1 gallon).

Caium 4 gp
This beer-like drink is made from corn, Brian I'm looking at you. Price is for a mini-keg (1 gallon).

Dwarven Stout 5 sp
Dwarven stout is characterized by a slightly burnt flavor and a foamy head. It is thick and said to be as hearty as a meal. While it will not nourish a person, it will stave off hunger pains for a day. Price is for a mini-keg (1 gallon).

Mead 12 gp
Fine mead imported from the northlands, made by fermenting honey and sometimes flavored with spices, fruit or hops. Price is for a mini-keg (1 gallon).

Tepache 5 gp
A mildly alcoholic beverage made from beer and pineapple, sugar and cinnamon, fermented for a few days and then served cold with chili powder. It is favored and common only in warmer tropical climes. Price is for a mini-keg (1 gallon).

Whiskey 10 gp
Fine quality whiskey made on-site. Price is for 1 bottle.


Bloodwyne 25 gp
This particular wine was devised as a joke by a halfling adventurer to mock his dhampir party-mate. However the recipe actually turned out to be a flavorful and delicious cherry blend with a tangy aftertaste and quickly caught on in the adventuring community. Mostly enjoyed ironically by Pravic adventurers. Price is for one bottle.

Elven Wine 100 gp
Fine wine with a light taste and an airy head. There are many different nuanced flavors that only the most delicate of palates can decipher. Price is for one bottle.

Sealord Wine 60 gp
A sweet-tart wine favored in and produced in coastal areas from native berries. A human wine favored by nobles and high-class seafarers. Price is for one bottle.


Absinthe 30 gp
A green, alcoholic drink that tastes of licorice. It is made from wormwood extract and is rumored to enhance creativity, and as such is popular among artists and entertainers. Price is for one bottle.

Applejack 20 gp
Applejack is made by leaving hard apple cider out to freeze in the winter, and then removing the ice to further concentrate the alcohol, creating a very strong and tart apple-flavored spirit. Price is for one bottle.

Baijiu 40 gp
Distilled from sorghum, and extremely potent. This alcohol is an aquired taste due to its highly acidic and corrosive flavor. Price is for one bottle.

Bufo 4 gp
Bufo is made by soaking a poisonous toad or frog in a vat of weak beer. The result is a dark concoction that intoxicates quickly but leads to awful hangovers. Sometimes the toad or frog is left in the bottle as a crunchy treat for the drinker to eat. This drink is favored by orcs and goblinoids. Price is for one wide-mouthed bottle.

Grog 1 gp
Grog is a foul mix of various alcohols, no two bottles taste exactly alike. While grog is never anyone's first choice when it comes to drinking. Some people have gained a taste for it (namely sailors). And it is also quite inexpensive as it is generally made from dregs. Price is for one bottle.

Khumis 1 gp
Khumis is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented horse milk. It is served cold and favored in more arid areas with generally hostile environments. Price is for 1 bottle.

Old-Law Whiskey 40 gp
A whiskey recipe created by a human paladin over 500 years past. The unique flavor and potency have even impressed dwarven brewers who purchased the recipe after his death and continue to produce the drink to this day. Price is for one bottle.

Pulque 10 gp
A nutritious and tasty alcoholic beverage made from the heart of agave fruits. This drink is favored by druids and rangers and those with close ties to nature. Price is for one bottle.

Rumboozle 4 gp
A sweet alcoholic drink made from rum, wine, ale, eggs, sugar and spices. It is served warm and favored in higher class taverns. Price is for one bottle.

++++Magical Drinks

Dwarven Climbing Whiskey 100 gp
Blessed by dwarven priests for help in work and mundane tasks, it caught on in popularity outside of the dwarven halls when a dwarven adventurer shared it to help his friends climb a cliff-face. The name stuck. Drinking a shot of this will give you +2 to all Strength based skill checks for one hour. Price is for one shot.

Old War Stories 50 gp
Favored by older warriors, this single malt whiskey has a sophisticated taste. A shot of this whiskey will actually make the drinker more clear-headed for a short time before the effects of the alcohol set it, making it oft used by older soldiers relating the tales of their past to the next generation. One shot of Old War Stories will suppress any confusion, feeblemind or fear effect for 4 rounds, after which the effect continues as normal. Price is for one shot. (In addition, a barbarian who drinks Old War Stories while raging gains the ability to use feats and skills that require concentration for 4 rounds.)

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