Trail Rations 5sp
Traditional adventuring fare. Dried meats, cheeses and bread of standard quality. Nothing special, enough food to feed one person for one day.

Dwarven Trail Rations 2 gp
Smoked Sausage, Salted Meats, dried vegetables and hard biscuits. Eating dwarven trail rations allow you to make a forced march for one additional hour per day at no penalty.

Elven Trail Rations 2 gp
Soft trail bread made of oats, mixed with other grains, berries and nuts. All sweetened and bound together with a touch of honey. Eating elven trail rations gives you the same benefit as the Endurance feat, except the bonus is only +2. (This stacks with Endurance).

Gnomish Trail Rations 2 gp
Sweetrolls heavily dusted in sugar, taffy, rock candy and assorted other confectionery treats. Eating gnomish trail rations gives you the following benefit: You are considered 1 level higher for any spell or supernatural ability that would negatively affect you. (This does not increase your actual level or caster level in any way.)

Halfling Trail Rations 2 gp
Generous helpings of sweetened dried fruits, aged sausages, hard sharp cheeses, honey cakes and assorted roasted grains, nuts and molasses. Eating halfling trail rations gives you the following benefit: The Shaken condition only confers a -1 penalty instead of a -2.

Orcish Trail Rations 2 gp
Coarse black bread, thin sausages that are as hard as leather and must be chewed slowly with water, dried exotic meats and pungent, hot peppers. Eating orcish trail rations gives you a +2 bonus on intimidate checks.

Sun-Blessed Fruit 100 gp
A meal consisting of local fuits blessed by Priests of Sarenrae. Eating this as a meal will make you immune to ability damage/drain and level drain caused by undead for 24 hours. This has no effect if eaten after the damage/drain has been incurred.

Cayden's Feast 250 gp
This appears to be nothing but a small vial of powder, but when mixed with water it magically becomes a full, hot and delicious meal. Juicy roast beef, steaming spiced potatoes, and the most stunning serving of steamed vegetables. This meal provides a +2 moral bonus on -all- skill checks for 24 hours.

Blood of the Fallen 300 gp
Einherjar priests of Gorum from the northlands have blessed this thick, red, syurupy liquid to nourish as a meal in addition to providing a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls for 24 hours. The bitter, medicine-like taste leaves a bit to be desired though.

Archmage's Confection 500 gp
A gnomish wizard/chef devised these highly magical hard candies to nourish anyone as a full meal in addition to supplimenting their arcane power. Each flavor represents and enhances a school of magic. Blue Raspberry (Abjuration), Green Apple (Conjuration), Watermelon (Divination), Passionfruit (Enchantment), Cinnamon (Evocation), Peppermint (Illusion), Black Licorice (Necromancy), and Strawberry (Transmutation). Eating one of the candies will provide a +1 bonus to caster level for spells cast from that school. The price listed is for one candy.

Enchanted Gruel Spoon 1000 gp
Stirring a bowl of water with this spoon will turn the water into a white pasty gruel-like soup. One bowl will nourish one person for one day. The paste has a dull, bland taste but there is no limit to how much you can make. If you subsist off of nothing but boring white paste for more than three days, you begin to wonder about the mistakes you have made in your life to bring you to this point, and take a -2 morale penalty on attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks until you have a fresh, hot cooked meal. (not rations).

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