Golden Lion

The discipline of Golden Lion is a practice passed between war leaders, chieftains, generals, and militia leaders over the generations, meant to bring a group of warriors together into one cohesive unit. Golden Lion is a discipline that only greatly benefits a warrior who believes strongly in teamwork. The larger the group, the more who can benefit from the skilled leadership of a dedicated commander. Golden Lion benefits its practitioners indirectly, by aiding their allies instead.

Key Skill: Diplomacy

Associated Weapons: Heavy Blades, Hammers and Polearms

Level 1 Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Demoralizing Roar Boost Any target struck by you in melee is shaken for 1 round
Encouraging Roar Boost For one round all allies gain a +2 moral bonus on attacks and damage
Hunting Party Strike Make an attack, grant an adjacent ally an attack of opportunity against the same enemy
Pride Leader's Stance Stance Initiator and allies within 20 ft gain a +4 morale bonus on saves against fear
Pride Movement Boost Grant an adjacent ally a move action
Tactical Strike Strike Make an attack, grant nearby ally the ability to move up to 10 feet.

Level 2 Maneuvers

*Requires level 3

Maneuver Type Description
Call to Action Strike Attack deals +2d6 damage and grants adjacent ally immediate move action
Defending the Pride Boost Grant all allies within 60 ft +4 AC
Distracting Strike Strike Deal +2d6 damage and cause foe to be flat footed.
Pyrite Strike Strike Deal +1d6 damage and move foe 5 feet
Warning Roar Counter Make Diplomacy check to negate attack on nearby ally.

Level 3 Maneuvers

*Requires level 5

Maneuver Type Description
Circling the Prey Boost Grant all allies within 60 ft a free 5 foot step
Golden Commander Stance Stance All allies within 30 ft flank with adjacent allies
Kill the Wounded Strike Allies deal +2d6 damage to the target with attacks
Pack Pounce Strike Make an attack while adjacent to an ally, gain a +5 damage per ally adjacent to that enemy (Max +15).

Level 4 Maneuvers

*Requires level 7

Maneuver Type Description
Charge of the Battle Cat Strike Charge attack does not provoke AoO, deals +4d6 damage, knocks prone.
Direct the Pride Boost Target adjacent ally who has not acted this turn, move his initiative directly after yours for this turn, the following turn he returns to his former initiative.
Golden Lion Charger Stance When charging, gain an additional +2 bonus to attack and never provoke attacks of opportunity for charging.
Golden Swipe Strike Melee attack inflicts an additional 6d6 points of damage and moves the opponent 10 ft. in a direction of your choosing.

Level 5 Maneuvers

*Requires level 9

Maneuver Type Description
Discipline of the Pride Boost Grant all allies within 30 ft. one feat that you possess for three rounds.
Guard the Pride Counter Grant an adjacent ally +4 circumstance bonus to AC for one round as an immediate action.
Roar of Battle Strike Make an attack that inflicts an additional 6d6 points of damage, all other allies that attack the target inflict an additional 3d6 points of damage on successful attacks.
Strategic Blow Strike Make a successful melee attack on a target, strike inflicts 8d6 points of additional damage and grants an ally within 10 ft. of the disciple a move action.

Level 6 Maneuvers

*Requires level 11

Maneuver Type Description
Endurance of the Strong Counter When an ally within 30 ft. is struck in combat and injured, the disciple may make an immediate shout of inspiration to restore some of the ally’s flagging strength, restoring twice the disciple’s initiator level in hit points.
Golden General's Attitude Stance Grant a morale bonus to attack and damage rolls, and saves against fear effects to all allies within 60 ft. vs fear, +1 for every 4/initiator levels.
Harry the Prey Strike Make an attack, all allies within 30 ft. may make an immediate attack against any foe they are capable of attacking.
Lion's Feast Boost For one round any enemies that are slain in combat within 20 ft. of you grant any adjacent allies to you temporary hit points equal to twice the creature’s Hit Dice.

Level 7 Maneuvers

*Requires level 13

Maneuver Type Description
Golden General's Victory Boost Upon felling a foe, all allies within 60 ft. are healed a number of hit points equal to the disciple’s initiator level.
Orichalcum Swipe Strike Melee attack inflicts an additional 12d6 points of damage, target makes up to a full move in a direction of your choosing.
War Lion's Charge Strike Make a charge attack against a foe which does not provoke attacks of opportunity, if successful the attack inflicts an additional 14d6 points of damage and potentially stuns the opponent for one round.

Level 8 Maneuvers

*Requires level 15

Maneuver Type Description
Alpha's Roar Boost The disciple releases an awesome call and grants a +4 morale bonus to all allies’ saving throws for the round and increases the DC’s of allies abilities by 4.
Lion Lord's Agony Strike Strike inflicts additional damage equal to the hit point damage the disciple has received.
Triumphant Lion's Leadership Stance While in this stance, the initiator and allies within 10- ft. of the disciple, gain +1d6 points of damage for every foe that the disciple has defeated during the encounter (max +5d6).

Level 9 Maneuvers

*Requires level 17

Maneuver Type Description
Lord of the Pridelands Boost You and your allies gain +2 to hit, damage, AC, and saves for each and every ally within 60-ft for one round (maximum +10).
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