Calumet (20 Gold): A calumet is a two-piece ceremonial smoking pipe with a bowl shaped from stone or clay and an intricately carved wooden stem decorated with dangling fetishes. The pipe is typically carried in a special leather pouch festooned with beads, patterns, and trinkets. The pipe is used to smoke various herbal mixtures required for certain rituals. The communal smoking of a calumet is sometimes incorporated into diplomatic meetings as a sign of solidarity between various parties. You gain a + 1 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks against anyone you share your calumet with in this way.

Rager's Aid (25 Gold): This packet filled with spikey-edged leaves has a pungent scent almost strong enough to make your eyes water. While you chew the leaves, you ignore the effects of fatigue. The leaves last for 6 rounds, at which point only a wad of pulp remains. When the effect of rager's aid wears off, you are exhausted instead.

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