High Born Dwarf

At the top of dwarf society are the noble houses, whose feuds and fights go back many generations. The rest of the population is divided into castes, within the top tier of which are the Warrior Caste, Smith Caste, and Artisan Caste. The Warrior Caste is the most prestigious. The warriors fight a never ending war against the darkspawn in the Deep Roads, as well as providing the rank-and-file soldiers of the noble houses. There are so many warriors that the caste is actually divided into several sub-castes, including those of officers, soldiers, and guardsmen. The Smith Caste is the next most important—how would the warriors fight without arms and armor? Finally, there is the Artisan Caste. They, too, are highly esteemed in dwarf society, for they are the builders and makers that make Orzammar hum.

Since upper caste dwarves have privileged positions in Orzammar, it is rare for them to leave for the surface world. Some are exiled for committing crimes or being on the wrong side of a dispute between houses. Others may be sent on missions to the human lands, though this an unusual occurrence. If you want to play an upper caste dwarf who has left Orzammar, you should talk to your GM about the circumstances of your departure and whether this will lead to the loss of your caste should you return home.

Add the following to your character:

Choose a caste: Artisan, Smith or Warrior.

+1 Strength: You must be strong to survive the politics of Orzammar.

Choose one of the following focuses: Dexterity (Crafting), Strength (Intimidate) or Strength (Smithing)

You have Magic Resistance, a side effect of growing up in a lyrium-rich environment. You gain a +2 bonus on ability tests to resist the effects of spells and other magical attacks.

You can speak and read Dwarven and the Trade Tongue.

Choose a class: Rogue or Warrior.

You have 3 advancement points that must be spent now. Choose from the following list:

+1 Willpower (2 Points)
+1 Cunning (2 Points)
+1 Constitution (2 Points)
Focus: Willpower (Courage) (1 Point)
Focus: Communication (Etiquette) (1 Point)
Focus: Cunning (Heraldry) (1 Point)
Focus: Cunning (Engineering) (1 Point)
Focus: Constitution (Stamina) (1 Point)

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