House Rules

((These rules are not currently in effect in any game I am running))

  • You may not reduce your starting Ability scores to below 8 during Character Creation. (Exception: Racial modifiers may take you below 8. For Example.. Allocating an 8 to Constitution and then choosing the Elf race will result in a Con of 6) This only applies if you use a point-buy system for your character creation.
  • Dice rolls for ability scores are 4d6, drop lowest, reroll 1's. If I feel your scores are too low, I will tell you to reroll. If I feel your scores are too high, you have the option to reroll, or have me reduce them to a more reasonable level for the campaign.
  • Characters receive maximum hit points at 1st, 2nd and 3rd level. Afterwards, Hit Points are rolled, if the roll results in below half the maximum result, the character gets half of their hit die.
  • Remember to record your rolls for hit points, and at which level you rolled them. During downtime, you can pay for training to increase hit point rolls up to the maximum that you could have rolled at that level. This costs 100 gold times double the level and requires one week of training per level. For example, Joe the fighter rolled an 8 for hit points at level 4, he can spend 800 gold pieces, and 4 weeks of training to increase that to a 9, and then 1000 gold pieces and 5 more weeks of training to increase that to a 10. This process is more costly in time, rather than gold, especially at higher levels.
  • Spell casters can replace costly material components by purchasing a permanent spell focus. The price of a spell focus is ten times the cost of the material component. Each spell focus is specifically created to act as the material component for one spell and may be used an unlimited number of times. Multiple spell casters cannot share the same spell focus. A spell focus can only be used for one specific spell, even if it is the same component as another spell.
  • To use a metamagic rod your character must have the required metamagic feat. Effectively the rod’s value is enabling a caster to use their metamagic feat for free, 3 times per day. In an attempt to make metamagic rods still appealing, their price has been halved.
  • Magical item creation is completely changed. Do not take any magic item creation feats, all magic item creation is based on skills. Anyone can craft a magical item with the proper materials and skill.
  • Custom magical items cannot be bought, they can be created via the appropriate feats, or awarded as treasure. (Exception: There are no custom skill + items, eg. : Headband of Diplomacy +10, save for the ones already printed on the site.)
  • For most all purposes, Alhara uses the Pathfinder SRD located: With the following exceptions: (This is not an all-inclusive list, more may be added)
    • Nothing with the lable "Fan Content" or "Fan Conversion"
    • Nothing with the lable "3rd Party"
    • If you want an exception, ask.
    • Some items are changed from their original printing for this game because they are: A) Underpowered, B) Overpowered, C)Useless. Changed items will be noted on this site.
  • Elemental Magic: Damaging spells with descriptors have an additional effect upon the targets, provided that the spell does at least 1 point of damage.
      • Sonic, Force: If the spell allows a saving throw, on a failed save, all targets are knocked prone. Additionally, for every 10 points of damage the spell deals, targets are pushed back 5' away from the point of origin of the spell.
      • Cold, Electricity: On a failed save, targets are paralyzed for 1 round for every 10 points of damage the spell deals. On a successful save, targets are instead slowed for 1 round for every 10 damage.
      • Fire, Acid: Fire and Acid spells continue to burn on their targets for a number of rounds equal to the spell's level, dealing minimum damage for the spell each round. (One half of minumum on a successful save, provided that the spell deals any damage)
  • Paradigm Flux: Magic is fickle, whimsical and harsh. Even the greatest wizards know that magic itself is a beast that can never be truly controlled. As such the very rules that define magic are subject to arbitrary change. On the precipice of the Devilscar War that engulfs Selrune, the most recent change has occurred. Arcane spellcasters had their minds flooded with the knowledge of their spells, no longer does that knowledge burn itself out once used. Divine Spellcasters have become true channels of their deities, able to request divine magics as they are needed. Changes to spellcasters are denoted in the class's individual pages.
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