Hunting Post

Animal Call: (2 Silver) These reed or bam boo whistles mimic the calls of various wild a n i mals. Each whistle is keyed to a specific type of animal and a specific call (usually signaling the availability of food or a mate to draw the animal closer). Using the correct whistle gives you a +2 bonus on Survival checks to track animals of the specific animal type or to get along in the wild.

Footprint Book (2 Gold): This book contains hundreds of hand-drawn images of the footprints of common animals and humanoids. By consulting the book for 5 minutes while studying a set of tracks, you can attempt a DC 10 Knowledge (local) check for humanoids or a DC 10 Knowledge (nature) check for animals to identify the animal or humanoid that made the tracks.

Hunter's Sight (100 Gold): This complicated lens fits over one eye and takes up the eyes slot when in use. When using it in conjunction with a ranged weapon, you reduce any range penalty on your attacks by 2. Objects within 100 feet become difficult to see, however, and you take a -2 penalty on Perception checks based on sight while wearing the hunter's sight.

Masking Scent (25 Gold [Animal], 50 Gold [Humanoid], 100 Gold [Magical Beast]): This item comes in a variety of scents (matching any one animal, humanoid, or magical beast). One vial applied to a single Medium-sized creature changes its scent to that of the masking scent's creature for 8 hours.

Musk Kit (25 gold): A musk kit consists of a dozen vials of concentrated fluids, prepared animal glands, and plant compounds. You can use the distinctly scented musks to mark possessions, locations, and trails which can then be identified or followed by scent. Some hunters dip their arrows or other weapons in the musk in order to use them to mark and track injured prey.

Alternatively, you can use up four vials from the musk kit at once to attract 2d6 Tiny animals to the location you marked with musk. The animals arrive in approximately 1 hour, a n d the group consists of those animals most common to the immediate area.

Pathstones (50 Gold): Similar to sunrods, these small white pebbles are alchemically treated so that they shed a soft light once activated by striking them together. The glow is faint-just barely enough to illuminate the stone. Though not bright enough to serve as an effective light source, they can be placed in patterns to create messages or laid out in a path, marking it for others to follow.

Tracker's Snuff (200 Gold): When inhaled, this finely ground, alchemically treated tobacco greatly
enhances your senses, especially your sense of smell . It grants the scent ability and a +2 alchemical bonus on Perception checks for 1 hour. However, once the effect wears off your body is wracked with terrible pain as your joints begin to stiffen and seize, dealing 1d2 points of Dexterity damage to you.

Tracking Powder (30 Gold): When you scatter this very fine pale blue powder on the ground, it reveals the tracks of any creatures or individuals that have passed through the area within the last 48 hours. The powder also grants you a +10 alchemical bonus on Survival checks to follow tracks or, if you aren't trained in Survival, instead allows you to track creatures whose prints are revealed by the powder for up to 1 mile using Perception instead of Survival. A single application can cover an area of up to 60 square feet. Tracking powder is sold in small leather pouches that hold 10 applications each.

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