Deity Alignment Portfolio Inquisitions
Erastil Lawful Good Family, Farming, Hunting, Trade Conversion, Heresy, Illumination, Valor, Zeal
Iomadae Lawful Good Honor, Justice, Rulership, Valor Conversion, Heresy, Justice, Order, Persistence, Truth, Valor
Torag Lawful Good The Forge, Protection, Strategy Conversion, Heresy, Imprisonment, Tactics
Sarenrae Neutral Good Healing, Honesty, Redemption, The Sun Conversion, Heresy, Illumination, Order, Truth, Valor
Shelyn Neutral Good Art, Beauty, Love, Music Conversion, Fervor, Heresy
Cayden Cailean Chaotic Good Ale, Bravery, Freedom, Wine Conversion, Fervor, Valor
Desna Chaotic Good Dreams, Luck, Stars, Travelers Conversion, Heresy, Illumination, Oblivion
Abadar Lawful Neutral Cities, Law, Merchants, Wealth Conversion, Heresy, Imprisonment, Order
Irori Lawful Neutral History, Knowledge, Self-Perfection Conversion, Tactics
Gozreh Neutral Nature, The Sea, Weather Conversion, Fervor, Heresy
Nethys Neutral Magic Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Zeal
Pharasma Neutral Birth, Death, Fate, Prophecy Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Justice, Oblivion, Truth
Calistria Chaotic Neutral Lust, Revenge, Trickery Conversion, Fervor, Heresy, Torture
Gorum Chaotic Neutral Battle, Strength, Weapons Anger, Conversion, Heresy, Tactics
Asmodeus Lawful Evil Contracts, Pride, Slaves, Tyranny Conversion, Heresy, Imprisonment, Persistence, Torture
Zon-Kuthon Lawful Evil Darkness, Envy, Loss, Pain Conversion, Heresy, Oblivion
Norgorber Neutral Evil Greed, Murder, Poison, Secrets Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Torture, Vengeance
Urgathoa Neutral Evil Disease, Gluttony, Undeath Conversion, Heresy, Persistence, Vengeance
Lamashtu Chaotic Evil Madness, Monsters, Nightmares Conversion, Heresy, Oblivion, Vengeance
Rovagug Chaotic Evil Destruction, Disaster, Wrath Anger, Conversion, Heresy, Vengeance
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