He Who Circles the World

The spirit who circles all of creation, Jörmungandr grants his binders the power to break the cycle and end the world.

Summoning Rules

Spirit Level: 7th
Constellation: Tree
Binding DC: 29
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on binding checks if you meet some or all of these conditions:

  • You destroy a holy symbol belonging to a deity whose domains include the Air domain within Jörmungandr’s seal during the ceremony. This holy symbol must be worth at least 250 gp.
  • You mix the scales of a reptilian or draconic creature whose CR is equal to or greater than your binder level into the acidic compound.
  • Jörmungandr’s seal is drawn around a willow tree.

Ceremony: You chain yourself to the boundaries of the spirit’s seal and pour a bowl filled with acid and poison into your eyes.
Manifestation: Amidst your agonized screams, the bubbling poison that dances on your retinas forms into the image of a serpent devouring its own tail, spinning across your field of vision and grumbling impatiently.


Although few legends can agree where it arose from, a common theme from the old religions of the world is the concept of a massive serpent, found deep beneath the waves. Although the exact reasons vary, this serpent was often attributed with the motion of the world, from the gentle rippling of the ocean’s waves to the massive tremors that rip mountains asunder. The name differs from culture to culture, but this being is always referred to as “he who encircles the world” for this very reason. Most tales also agree that it will be this monstrous beast that brings about the end of the world; it will rise from the depths of the ocean and buffet the shores with massive waves and all-consuming whirlpools and serpent’s ancient enemy, lightning, will strike it down but die in the process; until then, the serpent will lay sleeping in the ocean depths.

Granted Abilities

Major Granted Abilities

  • Equalize: As a standard action, you attempt to equalize your wounds with another creature within 30 feet. Both you and your target alter your remaining hit points to equal to the average between both creatures’ current hit point totals. Your target can attempt to negate this ability with a Fortitude save. If your target’s has twice as many hit points as you or more, it receives a +4 bonus on its saving throw and any excess hit points above either creature’s maximum are lost. After using this ability, it is expended for 5 rounds.
  • Capstone Empowerment: When using equalize, any excess hit points above either creature’s maximum total are converted into temporary hit points that last for 1 minute instead of being lost.

Minor Granted Abilities

  • Eternal Cycle: If you are slain while bound to Jörmungandr, your corpse is engulfed by the natural world and you spontaneously reappear in a safe location within 1 mile of the place of your death. This revival is treated as reincarnate except you suffer no negative levels and you return to life bound to Jörmungandr for 1 week. Jörmungandr is immune to expulsion (as from Expel Spirits) and exorcism during this time.
  • Resistances of the Great Serpent: You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against death effects, diseases, and poison and resistance against electricity equal to your binder level. At 20th level, you become immune to death effects, diseases, poison, and electricity damage while bound to Jörmungandr.
  • Poison the Sky: You belch out a disgusting, poisonous cloud that functions as cloudkill, except the cloud climbs into the sky, gaining 10 feet in height every minute it persists. You may only have one cloud active at a time and a creature that succeeds on its saving throw is immune to this ability for 24 hours.
  • Stir the Oceans: You can command the water to your whims. As a standard action, you can perform any one of the following: unleash a powerful stream of water against your foes as hydraulic torrent, raise or lower a body of water as control water, or stir a massive whirlpool as vortex. You may only create a single whirlpool at once with this power.

Signs and Influence

Physical Sign: The ouroboros symbol appears on your forehead. Whenever you activate one of Jörmungandr’s granted abilities, the serpent’s tail leaves its mouth and the beast swims across your brow.
Personality: You feel uncomfortable while out of water and are deeply frightened by lightning and thunder, though the fear does not impose any mechanical penalty.
Favored Ally: Magical Beast (any)
Favored Enemy: Outsider (any)

Vestigial Companion

You gain a constrictor snake as an animal companion. Treat your binder level as your druid level to determine your companion’s abilities. This granted ability replaces resistances of the great serpent.

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