Karyn Research Necromancy


Brittling: Once-living object becomes fragile.
Necrotic Trace: Residual negative energy leaves aura of necromancy on subject.

Dead of Night: Gain total concealment against creatures using darkvision.
Decrepitate: Reduce carrying capacity by half.
Feeble Body: Damage knocks subject prone.
Malaise: Touch fatigues and slows a creature.
Whisper the Grave: Frighten creatures that can hear you but not see you.
Wreckless Vigor: Subject provokes attacks of opportunity when it attacks.

Conversion: Grant subject's hit points to another, take worse of two Fortitude saves to grant better of two to another.
Deathly Respite: Recover hit points and a 1st level spell by becoming mindless.
Grating Joints: Bone friction causes penalties to various types of attack rolls and defenses.
Necrotic Grasp: Touch deals 1d4/level negative energy damage and causes 1d4 Charisma drain.
Replete Undeath: Suffer 1d4 damage per undead to grant them a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and 5 temporary hit points.
Resist Negative Energy: Ignores first 5 (or more) points of damage per attack from negative energy.
Revenant Sense: Smell and taste a creature's kills; murder may induce frenzy.
Shadow Tether: Creature can't move into disparate illumination.

Beacon to Undeath: Object attracts undead.
Desecrate Likeness: Portrayal of creature becomes ghastly.
Lifeblood Transfusion: Suffer 1d4+1 ability damage to grant an equal profane bonus to another's score.
Necrotic Surge: Pulse of negative energy deals 1d6/level damage.
Resist Negative Energy, Communal: As resist negative energy, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Still Veins, Lesser: Stop breathing, eating, drinking and becoming tired at the peril of your Constitution.

Black Pustule: Fortell means of a creature's death, -2 to AC and saves against that means but +2 AC and saves against other perils.
Curse of Infertility: Subject cannot reproduce.
Necrotic Gyre: Pools of blood map necromancy.
Negative Energy Attunement: Negative energy damage cures subject instead of damaging them.
Still Veins: As lesser still veins plus become immune to bleeding, paralysis and poison.
Suspend Life: Wail of pain triggers your death for 1 hour/level, awaken with 0 hit points afterward.
Torpor: Subject is fatigued, then staggered, then falls asleep.

Animate Shadow: Call subject's shadow into undeath.
Channel Soul: Allow a departed soul to assume control of your body.
Symbol of Malice: Triggered rune absorbs 10/level points of healing (maximum 150).

Necrotic Disjunction: Daze undead creature.
Necromancer's Pariah: Subject is affected by spells as if undead, becomes enmity of the living.
Pallid Audience: Call audience with departed soul.
Sepulchral Air: Sounds are reduced to murmurs, silencing the area without preventing necromancy.
Still Veins, Greater: As still veins plus gain immunity to Fortitude Saves.
Symbol of Corruption: Triggered rune converts positive energy to negative energy.

Bloody Epidemic: Disease causes 3d8 damage +1/level (maximum 15), spread to nearby creatures through cough.
Myrdethane's Peace: Renders a creature unconscious and unaging for 1d4 years as they remain aware of audible surroundings.
Negative Energy Mastery: Energy drain grants a +1 profane bonus to your spellcasting ability score, your class level worth of temprary hit points and 1 level of free metamagic instead of negative levels.
Phantasmal Detainment: Subject's ghost is bound to your plane until it fulfills condition determined by you.
Shadow of Duty: Raise subject as undead to perform a single task.
Spirit Herald: Spirits familiar to subjects deliver your message through a dream.

Breed Revenant: Subject is born into undeath as a revenant to pursue their killer.
Bloody Epidemic, Dormant: Disease lies dormant while you concentrate, causes 3d8 damage +1/level (Maximum +15) afterward, spread to nearby creatures through cough.
Spiritual Conduction: Nearby deaths increase your necromancy caster level.
Unspeakable: One name becomes terrifying; speaking that name allows you to teleport to the speaker, send 1d4 wraiths to the speaker or bestow the misfortune hex on the speaker.
Witch Blade: Slashing weapon binds its next victim into undead servitude for 2d4 rounds.

Death's Burden: Damage in excess of 100 points per round kills subject.
Foreboding Presence Creature within 4 miles that have the ability to detect evil or undead feel your presence, might flee based on your level advantage.
Marked for Death: Subject loses immunities to death effect, energy drain and Fortitude saves, is damaged by negative energy, loses fast healing and must take the lower of two rolls against death effects.
Phantasmal Sovereignty: Dominate incorporeal undead as dominate person and turn illusion [phantasm] spells back on their caster.

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