Karyn's Collection

Cloak of Flash and Shadow
Designed to meet the dual needs of the elite — glamour and subtlety — the cloak of flash and shadow is a magic reversible cloak. When worn one way, the cloak shimmers with heavy gold and silver embroidery against richly colored silk, and grants you a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma.

When worn inside-out, the matte-black lining seems to absorb light, cloaking you in shadow and giving you a +2 competence bonus on Stealth checks. In this configuration you can cast blur three times per day.

Reversing the cloak's position is a standard action and requires at least one free hand.

Staff of Dark Flame (7 Charges)

Made from bleached bones that have been fused together, the head of this staff burns with an unholy fire. This staff can be used as a +1 flaming quarterstaff (only one end of the staff bears magical enhancement), and it retains this property even if all its charges are drained. This staff can cast the following spells:

False life (1 charge)
Ray of enfeeblement (1 charge)
Scorching ray (1 charge)
Fireball (2 charges)
Animate dead (3 charges)

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