Master of Wishes

The archfiend who rules over all that is wished for; Kaylos is more than willing to grant the wishes of whatever foolish binder summons him.

Summoning Rules

Spirit Level: 9th
Constellation: Fiend
Binding DC: 30
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on binding checks if you meet some or all of these conditions:

  • You sully the likeness of any Dragon constellation spirit that you are capable of binding. If you accept this totem, you cannot bind that spirit until Kaylos departs.
  • You have killed someone and traded their captured soul to a devil for the sole purpose of receiving this totem.
  • You have signed your immortal soul over to a contract totem for the sole purpose of receiving this totem.

Ceremony: You take a red gem and polish it within the seal, becoming hypnotized by its shimmering depths.
Manifestation: The gem explodes and a fiendish spirit appears before you, its gaze compelling you to confess your most sinful desires to it while bawling madly.


Although most traditional legends tell of eight archfiends and a god ruling the layers of Hell, ancient scriptures tell of a time long ago when a ninth archfiend ruled the Ninth layer as the god’s right hand. Some believe this archfiend was once a genie, for it loved to torment mortals by actualizing their darkest wishes. Ultimately, it was banished into a small gemstone and left to the mortal realm. Although it would spend thousands of years within its prison, whenever a mortal would accidentally summon the archfiend, it would use their wishes commit atrocities on a global scale. That is, until one day when a noble silver dragon came across the gem and, figuring out what it was, tricked the archfiend into wishing itself out of existence.

Legend of Kaylos

Granted Abilities

Major Granted Abilities

  • Gate of Incineration: You open a rift to the Elemental Plane of Fire, pouring in gouts of fire. The origin for this rift can be any 5-foot square within 50 feet of you. The rift is a cylinder with a radius and height of 20 feet. Creatures in this area (except you and your vestigial companion) must succeed on a Reflex save or suffer 20d4 points of fire damage. A successful saving throw reduces this damage to 5d4. Creatures cannot pass through the rift. After using this ability, it is expended for 5 rounds.
  • Capstone Empowerment: Creatures that fail their Reflex save against gate of incineration must succeed on a second Reflex save or become sent to the Elemental Plane of Fire, as plane shift.

Minor Granted Abilities

  • Charm of the Inferno: You gain an insight bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks equal to ½ your binder level, or your full binder level if used against a creature that you affected with sinful desire in the past 24 hours.
  • Gem Knowledge: You gain an insight bonus on Appraise, Knowledge (arcana), and Spellcraft checks equal to ½ your binder level.
  • Sinful Desire: You can force a creature to confess its darkest desire as a swift action unless it fails a Will save. The creature confesses its desire in a language of your choice that it is able to speak. You may use the twisted wish granted ability against a creature that fails its Will save against sinful desire as described below. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect and it can only affect a creature once every 24 hours, regardless of whether the attempt succeeded or failed.
  • Twisted Wish: This ability functions as wish except it can only be used against creatures that have failed a Will save against sinful desire. When granting a wish, you must directly harm, hamper, or humiliate the wisher or create a situation that will lead to its undoing. If you make a good pact with Kayos, you may use wish three times per day as a spell-like ability without these restrictions, but you must supply the spell’s material component. Should Kayos ever be unsatisfied with your choices when granting a wish, he chooses the outcome himself and inflicts his influence penalty upon you, even if you made a good pact with the spirit.

Signs and Influence

Physical Sign: Your nails transform into rubies so long as they are attached to your body. Whenever you activate one of Kaylos’s granted abilities, you gain the visage of a contract devil.
Personality: You yearn to know the deepest desires of others and Kaylos rewards this knowledge with waves of unimaginable pleasure throughout out your body.
Favored Ally: Outsider (creatures with devil subtype)
Favored Enemy: Dragon (any)

Vestigial Companion

Three times per pact you can summon a contract devil to serve you as planar binding. A task can take no take longer than 24 hours to complete and the task ends when your pact with Kaylos ends. The devil holds no true loyalty to you and may attempt to twist your wishes and intentions at its whim. This ability replaces twisted wish.

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