Lady Jarah

Mistress of Many Faces

She is the woman of a thousand tales who is fated to outlive all mortal men. Those who please Lady Jarah become living legends themselves, able to reweave reality through storytelling.

Summoning Rules

Spirit Level: 2nd
Constellation: Thief
Binding DC: 19
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit’s binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.

  • You flawlessly perform one of Jarah’s tales during her ceremony, which requires 2 ranks in Perform (oratory).
  • You are female or your hair has grown past your shoulders.
  • You are wearing fine, modern aristocratic clothing (must cost 75 gp or more).

Ceremony: You place a small mirror in the center of Jarah’s seal and gaze into it while chanting Jarah’s name.
Manifestation: Jarah’s reflection replaces your own in the mirror. Her reflection flirts with male binders and makes sarcastic comments to female ones.


The tale of Lady Jarah was written by a bard by the name of Jomel, a master story composer. Jarah’s character was a changeling, able to take on whatever form she pleased, causing her mythos to expand to the point where men viewed her as the perfect woman. According to urban myth, Jomel was constantly beset by suitors seeking to marry the lovely Lady Jarah and his own wife was mistaken for a character in his tales. Although some say that Jarah’s author’s final words before he died were a plea to his wife to end Jarah’s tale once and for all, Jomel’s story had come too far and had ensnared the hearts and minds of so many people that it could never truly die.

Legend of Lady Jarah

Granted Abilities

Major Granted Abilities

  • Aura of Distracting Beauty: You weave your physical appearance into a different form for all onlookers, causing them to see perfection in you. As a standard action, all creatures within 30 feet of you that can see you must make a Will save or become fascinated. At the start of each creature’s turn, it may attempt a new save at the same DC to end the effect. Attacking or using supernatural abilities frees fascinated creatures from this ability. Creatures with more hit dice then you cannot be fascinated by this ability. After using this ability, it becomes expended for 5 rounds.
  • Capstone Empowerment: Creatures whose hit dice are greater than your own are affected by your aura of distracting beauty but they receive a +4 bonus on their saving throw each round.

Minor Granted Abilities

  • Across All Cultures: Select a number of non-secret languages that you cannot speak equal to your Charisma bonus. You can speak those languages for the duration of the pact.
  • Beauty without Peer: This ability functions as a sanctuary spell. A creature that succeeds on its saving throw or that you have taken hostile action against within the past 24 hours is immune to this ability for 24 hours.
  • Rewrite Self: You can alter your physical appearance as a move action. This functions as alter self except you can take the form of any humanoid that is no more than one size category larger or smaller than you. If you rewrite yourself into a larger creature you gain +2 Strength. If you rewrite yourself into a smaller creature you gain +2 Dexterity. You must show Lady Jarah’s sign in order to gain this benefit.
  • Story Weaving: You gain an insight bonus on Bluff and Perform (oratory) checks equal to ½ your binder level and may take 10 on these skill checks.

Signs and Influence

Physical Sign: You smell of flowers and a rare, expensive perfume. Whenever you activate one of Jarah’s granted abilities, your skin flashes with light like a mirror.
Personality: Whenever you attempt to make negotiations with others you must try and garner something for yourself.
Favored Ally: Humanoid (doppelgangers and any female creatures)
Favored Enemy: Humanoid (male creatures without ranks in a Perform skill)

Vestigial Companion

You gain the service of a parrot familiar for the duration of the pact. Use the statistics for a raven familiar. Treat your binder level as your wizard level to determine your familiar’s abilities. This granted ability replaces rewrite self.

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