Low Born Dwarf

The dwarves of the Miner, Merchant, and Servant Castes do the hard work, day after day, that keeps Orzammar functioning. The Miner Caste is the most prestigious of these three, particularly those that do the dangerous job of mining lyrium. The Merchant Caste is the next most important, as they bring money into the city and arrange valuable trade deals. The Servant Caste is the lowest, though even they rank above surface dwarves and the casteless.

Of this group it is the members of the Merchant Caste who are most likely to leave Orzammar or become adventurers. Trade deals often lead to contact with humans and the surface dwarves were originally part of the Merchant Caste. Sometimes a member of the Merchant Caste will join his kin on the surface despite the loss of status at home. This happens more rarely with members of the Miner and Servant Castes, though it is not unknown for miners to sell their expertise to human nations for gold and other riches.

Add the following to your character:

Choose a Caste: Miner, Merchant or Servant.

+1 Communication: Members of the lower castes need to make friends to stay ahead.

Choose one of the following focuses: Communication (Persuasion) or Constitution (Stamina)

You have Magic Resistance, a side effect of growing up in a lyrium-rich environment. You gain a +2 bonus on ability tests to resist the effects of spells and other magical attacks.

You can speak and read Dwarven and the Trade Tongue.

Choose a class: Rogue or Warrior

You have 3 advancement points that must be spent now. Choose from the following list:

+1 Perception (2 Points)
+1 Constitution (2 Points)
+1 Strength (2 Points)
Focus: Communication (Etiquette) (1 Point)
Focus: Perception (Hearing) (1 Point)
Focus: Communication (Bargaining) (1 Point)
Focus: Constitution (Drinking) (1 Point)
Focus: Strength (Might) (1 Point)

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