Melody Of Frightful Death

You produce a sound that causes creatures to believe they are suffering a particularly ghastly and terrifying death, such as immolation, freezing to death, or being eaten alive by insects. When you complete this performance, all creatures within 30 feet who can hear your performance must make a successful Will saving throw or take 1d6 points of energy damage for every two bard levels you possess (Max 5d6). The energy type can be either acid, cold, or fire (your choice, chosen when you begin performing the masterpiece). Affected creatures that fail their saving throws take damage on the round you begin the performance and each round you continue the performance as long as they remain in range. Abilities that extend the duration of a bardic performance affect this masterpiece.

DC to Perform: 22
Cost: 1 Bardic Performance per round.
Action: 1 Standard Action
Maintain: 1 Standard Action

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