Mender Method

A mender vitalist is the most common found, as he focuses on healing wounds more efficiently, even bringing back life to the dead. The mender vitalist learns how to boost the body's natural healing ability to unimaginable regenerative levels.

Mender Power

A mender vitalist adds natural healing to his list of powers known. This does not count against his number of powers known.

Mender Knacks

The mender gains the talent below as his method knack.

  • Halt Death: The mender can target one member of his collective that is dying (at -1 hp or less). That creature is automatically stabilized and does not lose any further hit points. If the creature later takes damage, it continues dying normally.

Mender's Touch

A mender vitalist of 2nd level who utilizes transfer wounds heals the target an additional number of hit points equal to his class level. This additional healing is not transferred to the mender like the normal amount healed.

Mender's Pulse

As a free action, a mender of 6th level may project a pulse to all members of his collective by spending one power point, granting fast healing 1 for one round. Every three vitalist levels thereafter, this fast healing increases by 1. This healing is not eligible to be redirected using collective healing.

Swift Aid

A mender of 8th level may, as an immediate action and by expending his psionic focus, heal a member of his collective as if he had used transfer wounds.

Mender's Expertise

Upon achieving 11th level, a mender is skilled at restoring the psyche of the recently deceased and efficiently healing his collective members. Any time a mender manifests psionic revivify, the maximum number of rounds after the target's death allowed increases by his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) without the need to suffer additional negative levels.

In addition, anytime a mender manifests a power with the [Healing] descriptor, it heals an additional 50% hit points (round down).

Master Mender

A mender of 20th level is capable of healing even the most grievous of injuries. As a full-round action and by expending his psionic focus, the mender can heal a member of his collective to full health, including restoring any ability drain, removing fatigue or exhaustion, and curing any poisons or diseases. The mender can use this ability once every 10 minutes.

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