Hero of False Destiny

As a hero who never destined for greatness, Merickel grants binders a hero’s destiny, if only a falsified one.

Summoning Rules

Spirit Level: 6th
Constellation: Hero
Binding DC: 23
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on binding checks if you meet some or all of these conditions:

  • You sully the likenesses of the seals of Kaylos and Forash. If you accept this totem, you cannot bind with these spirits until Merickel departs from your soul.
  • You use a +1 greatsword to draw your blood during Merickel’s ceremony.
  • Merickel’s seal is drawn near a lake and you toss a greatsword into it at the ceremony’s conclusion, after which it disappears forever.

Ceremony: After the seal has been completed, you take a greatsword and plunge it into the earth.
Manifestation: The seal glows with an azure light as dozens of small, faerie-like entities burst out from the seals edges. The entities chime softly, and Merickel’s voice can be heard throughout the ringing of the fey.


The legend of Merickel is a dabber one, often used as a counter legend by scholars who wish to disprove things such as prophecy and fate. According to the Tale of Merickel, the anti-hero discovered a misty lake and pulled a magical blade from within its depths. The sword spoke to him, telling the half-elf ranger to travel to a nearby village to build a kingdom. Merickel did as he was bid and met a woman who was engaged to another man. The ranger fell madly in love with her and he convinced the maiden to abandon her vows and marry him instead. Merickel cleared land for her and built her a keep where she could bear his sons. One day, a mighty demon came to take the Merickel’s sword and when it could not, the demon took his love away instead. Merickel followed the demon to the ends of the earth, but when he had arrived he found that his wife’s former love had saved her. Realizing that the blade, the woman, and the demon’s head were destined for this man, Merickel departed, broken.

Legend of Merickel

Granted Abilities

Major Granted Abilities

  • Steal Destiny: As an immediate action, whenever a d20 is rolled (including your own), you can force the target to reroll the d20 and use the new result. Meanwhile, you store the previous result as a destiny mote. You can expend a destiny mote whenever a creature rolls a d20, replacing the d20’s normal result with the stored result. A creature can attempt a Will save to resist the effects of the destiny mote, and it knows whether the mote will bring ill fortune or good fortune in its action. You cannot use this granted ability after a roll’s result has been revealed and it is expended for as long as you retain a destiny mote and for 5 rounds after you spend it.
  • Capstone Empowerment: You can use steal destiny as a free action whenever a creature rolls a d20.

Minor Granted Abilities

  • Banishment: This ability functions as the spell of the same name. A creature that succeeds on its saving throw against this ability is immune to its effects for 24 hours.
  • Freedom of Movement: This ability functions as the spell of the same name. You may use this ability for 10 minutes per binder level you possess. These minutes do not need to be used consecutively but they must be spent in 10-minute increments.
  • Hero’s Tools: You gain proficiency with the shortbow, longbow, and greatsword. As a swift action, you can grant yourself a +3 insight bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls made with these weapons for one round. This bonus increases by +1 at 15th level and 20th level.
  • Summon Greatsword: You can summon the memory of Merickel’s blade as a full-round action. This is a +1 evil outsider bane greatsword. At 12th level, it is a +3 evil outsider bane greatsword. At 16th level, it is a +3 vorpal evil outsider bane greatsword. At 20th level, it is a +5 vorpal evil outsider bane greatsword. This greatsword ceases to exist if it leaves your hand or if you summon a new one.

Signs and Influence

Physical Sign: You gain ruddy, fey-like features such as large eyes and a sharp face. Whenever you activate one of Merickel’s granted abilities, your skin turns red and your body heats with rage, forcing you to snort hot air.
Personality: You fight for and strive to retrieve any possessions that you have lost.
Favored Ally: Fey (any) and Humanoid (elf; except drow)
Favored Enemy: Any (paladins), Humanoid (drow), Outsider (any with the evil subtype)

Vestigial Companion

You gain an animate greatsword as a vestigial companion. This weapon functions as if it were permanently animated by animate objects, and a greatsword is effectively a small object for the purpose of the spell. You can only gain a single object from this ability. This companion cannot be dispelled; if the object would lose its magic, it immediately reanimates 1d4 rounds later (an antimagic field suppresses this as long as the weapon is within its area). This ability replaces summon greatsword.

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