Occultist Spirits
Spirit Level Spirit Name and Title Constellation Binding DC
1st Aza'zati, the Green Wyrmling Dragon 17
1st Cave Mother, Sorceress of Secrets Mage 15
1st General Hessant, Patron of Lost Souls Noble 16
1st Forash, Prince of Spirits Fiend 17
1st Marat, Guardian of Shields Hero 15
1st Milo of Clyde, Detective of Despair Scholar 14
1st Sevnoir, the Meandering Mastiff Beast 16
2nd Al'kra, The Operated Dark Beyond 16
2nd Humble Ohbai, Servant of the Elements Scholar 20
2nd Lady Jarah, Mistress of Many Faces Thief 19
2nd Lord Foxglove IV, Exchequer of Stolen Purse Dragon 17
2nd Mute Sylvus, Sole Survivor Tree 17
2nd Tyrant Cromwell, the Black Knight Hero 18
2nd Ubro, the Blind Hospitaler Angel 17
3rd Cornelius Button, Gardener of Dreams Tree 18
3rd Muse Istago, Painter of Paradox Seer 19
3rd N'alyia, the First Vampire Skull 20
3rd Obba, Ella, Atasha, the Dark Sisters Three Thief 19
3rd The Nivea Nieces, Venomous Vixens Beast 17 or 22
3rd Vandrae, Drowess Poisontouch Dark Beyond 20
3rd Xalen D'Marek, Archivist of Fell Secrets Scholar 21
4th Ethaniel Midnight, The Inquisitive Torturer Fiend 21
4th Fey Baraddu, the Beast in the Woods Tree 23
4th Gulguthriana, the Glutton Noble 22
4th Hexus, the Living Curse Skull 21
4th Johotek, the Throne of Heaven Angel 21
4th Kandisha, The Desert’s Revenge Seer 22
4th Loh'moi, the Mad Geometer Mage 23
5th Arturius, the Sleeping King Hero 23
5th Circe’s Runes, Refuge of Pacts Scholar 23
5th Dagon, Tentacles from the Deep Dark Beyond 25
5th Dark Blood, the Rakshasa Prince Fiend 24
5th Green Glomairah, the World Tree Tree 23
5th Noble Marius, Psychic Vampire Skull 22
5th Vodavox, the Hive Mind Beast 25
6th Death Howls, Knights of the Ghostlands Beast 21
6th Demos Kalagos, Sworn Enemy of Time Thief 27
6th Jayna Warlock, Traveler of Worlds Scholar 26
6th Merickel, Hero of False Destiny Hero 23
6th Primordial Titans, Martyrs of the Betrayed Noble 27
6th Rasputin, The Bleeding Ringmaster Seer 26
6th Serapith, the Scouring Light Angel 25
7th The Elysium Choir, Innocence Slain Angel 27
7th Jormungandr, He Who Circles the World Tree 29
7th Lord Saruga, Soul Eater Dragon 27
7th Mare Loviatha, Ice Queen Mage 27
7th Musha'Vadu, the Shadow Bones Emperor Skull 27
7th Portenta, Seer of the Orphic Eye Seer 28
7th Yith’anu, The Body Snatched Dark Beyond 27
8th Essek Avik, the Twins Rejoined Dragon 29
8th Evening Star, Bloody Mist of the Hills Dark Beyond 28
8th Mana, Observer of Lost Magic Mage 30
8th Overmind, Seneschal of Far Travels Scholar 28
8th Rajah Amajaloma, Devourer of Souls Fiend 35
8th Septigenius Maximus, Immortal God-King Skull 33
8th Young Kiros, Author of Sedition Thief 29
9th The Beast that Births, Matron of Monsters Beast 35
9th Brother Calvis, The Undying Monk Angel 33
9th Daeminthos, Crystal Eye of the Mind Mage 30
9th Kaylos, Master of Wishes Fiend 30
9th King Mutaros, Vengeance Unfulfilled Noble 32
9th Malebolge Moors, 13 Traitors of Hell Fiend 33
9th The Worglord, First Among Heroes Hero 33
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