Orlesian Exile

Orlais is the most powerful and cultured nation in Thedas. The Empress Celene I rules from the glorious city of Val Royeaux. The Andrastian Chantry is also
centered in the city. Its leader, the Divine, rules from her seat in the Grand Cathedral, one of the most breathtaking buildings in Thedas. In Orlais secular power and religious power meet and it is not often clear where one ends and the other begins. Despite the power of the empire, however, Orlais has seen serious setbacks in the last 60 years. First, it lost a war with Nevarra over a slice of valuable territory. Then the Orlesians were defeated in Ferelden and their occupation there ended. The situation remained tense for some years, but under King Maric relations with Orlais were eventually normalized and the threat of
renewed war receded.

Within Orlais, and in Val Royeaux in particular, the nobles play an endless game of status and politics. The gossip of the salons can end a man’s life as quickly as a sword thrust. The fickle nature of factions and fashion can see a family ruined one year only to return triumphant the next. Like any game, this one has losers and sometimes the wisest course of action is to leave Orlais, at least for a time. Some are formally exiled for crimes real or implied, while others choose to wander Thedas until conditions at court change. Such Orlesian exiles can be found all over Thedas.

Add the following to your character.

+1 Communication: Orlesians are artful in their use of language.

Choose one of the following focuses: Communication (Persuasion) or Cunning (Cultural Lore)

You can read and speak Orlesian and the Trade Tongue.

Choose a class: Rogue or Warrior

You have 3 advancement points that you must spend now. Choose from the following list:

+1 Perception (2 Points)
+1 Strength (2 Points)
+1 Dexterity (2 Points)
Focus: Perception (Empathy) (1 Point)
Focus: Cunning (Heraldry) (1 Point)
Focus: Communication (Deception) (1 Point)
Focus: Dexterity (Riding) (1 Point)
Weapon Group: Light Blades (1 Point) ((If your class would give you this weapon group, you receive Focus: Dexterity (Light Blades) instead))

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