Seneschal of Far Travels

The eye who watches all of reality, Overmind delights in sharing its knowledge and keen perceptions with inquisitive binders.

Summoning Rules

Spirit Level: 8th
Constellation: Scholar
Binding DC: 28
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on binding checks if you meet some or all of these conditions:

  • You possess a wide array of knowledge, requiring 4 or more ranks in any 4 Knowledge skills of your choice.
  • You are Lawful or are able to supply a map of the city or region you are in when you draw Overmind’s seal.
  • You bring an ancient treasure worth no less than 50,000 gp into Overmind’s seal; the treasure is not consumed during the ceremony.

Ceremony: While sitting in the seal, you unfurl a roll of parchment and uncork a bottle of ink while chanting Overmind’s title five times.
Manifestation: The ink vanishes before your eyes and reappears on the parchment, drawing the blueprint you have never seen before bursting into flame, Overmind’s single eye staring at you from within the inferno.


The entity known as the Overmind is one of the few beings who will actively communicate with occult scholars beyond simple petitions for pacts. Unlike other spirits, however, the Overmind seems to be entirely apathetic towards its existence as a spirit; some occult scholars believe that the Overmind may be one of the few spirits who actively enjoys being non-existent. Peculiarly, the question as to how the Overmind became a spirit is the only such question that the entity will not answer. Seeing as Overmind’s ritual was discovered entirely by accident, occult scholars who follow the flux theory of the spirit realm often use the Overmind as their primary piece of evidence.

Granted Abilities

Major Granted Abilities

  • Temporal Leap: As an immediate action, you can move yourself into the future a number of rounds equal to your binder level. While in the future, you instantly disappear for its duration, reappearing in the same physical location you left from when the effect ends. You can take no actions during the ability’s duration and are not aware of the events that transpire during this time. Ongoing spells and effects are suspended until you return. If the space is occupied upon your return, you appear in a randomly determined non-hazardous empty space adjacent to your starting space instead. After you reappear, this ability is expended for 5 rounds.
  • Capstone Empowerment: When you use temporal leap, you remain aware of the events that happen within 100 feet from the space you occupied. You do not gain awareness of events you would have missed if you were there. In addition, you can end this ability early and reappear before its duration has expired.

Minor Granted Abilities

  • All-Knowing Eye: You gain an insight bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks equal to ½ your binder level. In addition, you gain a +5 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and a +5 dodge bonus to your AC on attacks made by traps.
  • Overmind’s Eye: This ability functions as arcane eye. You may only have one arcane eye active at once; summoning a new one causes the original to vanish.
  • Overmind’s Foresight: You gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat and you can act during all surprise rounds.
  • Regulate Movement: While you are bound to Overmind you emit a 30-foot aura that bars extradimensional movement, as dimensional anchor. Creatures within this aura that attempt to use a form of movement barred by dimensional anchor must succeed on a Will save or have their movement negated for 1 round. You and your vestigial companion are unaffected by this aura. A creature that succeeds on its saving throw is immune to this aura’s effects for 24 hours.

Signs and Influence

Physical Sign: Your vocal chords are unable to convey emotion, causing you to sound stately and confident at all times. Whenever you activate one of Overmind’s granted abilities, drawings of eyes briefly appear across your body.
Personality: You become obsessed with neatness and organization, to the point where you feel an itch if you do not map out your entire day.
Favored Ally: Humanoid (any Lawful)
Favored Enemy: Outsider (creatures with the chaotic subtype)

Vestigial Companion

You gain the service of a resolute owl familiar for the duration of the pact. Treat your binder level as your wizard level to determine your familiar’s abilities. You are treated as lawful neutral for the purpose of adjudicating the familiar. This granted ability replaces Overmind’s eye.

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