Paladins Of Torag

A paladin of Torag's duty is first to protect her people, but defending the works and traditions of her culture follow at a close second. These paladins are dedicated to protecting not just the lives but the lifestyles of those under their charge and hold the ways of their chosen people as holy, especially when they are the centuries-old ways of an entire race. Their tenets include:

• My word is my bond. When I give my word formally, I defend my oath to my death. Traps lie in idle banter or thoughtless talk, and so I watch my tongue.

• I am at all times truthful, honorable, and forthright, but my allegiance is to my people. I will do what is necessary to serve them, including misleading others.

• I respect the forge, and never sully it with halfhearted work. My creations reflect the depth of my faith, and I will not allow flaws save in direst need.

• Against my people's enemies I will show no mercy. I will not allow their surrender, except to extract information. I will defeat them, and I will scatter their families. Yet even in the struggle against our enemies, I will act in a way that brings honor to Torag.

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