Blood-Clotter Salve (30 Gold): Applying this herbal salve to a bleeding wound cures 1 point of damage and prevents additional damage from bleeding for 1 hour per application. After an hour, if the bleed effect hasn't been properly treated, the injury resumes bleeding and more salve must be applied. Though blood-clatter salve can be applied successively to the same injury, applying multiple doses doesn't cure additional damage.

Mobile Hospital (1000 Gold): This kit for a wagon provides all the equipment needed to care for up to 10 sick or injured people at a time. It includes 2 large tents, 10 cots with bedrolls, a sturdy table, a chirurgeon's kit, and 5 healer's kits. It grants anyone using it a +2 bonus on Heal checks to provide First Aid, can be used to treat deadly wounds with a single use of a healer's kit instead of two, and doubles the rate at which patients recover in long term care.

Obals (12 Gold): Obals are small silver or gold coins that are embossed with a holy symbol and blessed by a priest of a god of war or death. Inquisitors and warpriests traditionally place the coins on the corpses of those slain in battle, usually one over each eye or one in the mouth. The cost is for a batch of 12 obals.

Poison Ward Salve (15 Gold): This herbal salve can be applied directly to the skin to prevent the effects of contact poisons. If a creature touches a contact poison, but you apply the salve within 1 round of contact, the victim rolls the save twice and uses the higher result.

Scavenger Beetle Colony (3 Gold): This glass jar contains a colony of carnivorous scavenger beetles. The beetles must be fed at least a quarter pound of meat per day or they die. When released on a dead organism, they break it down and devour its flesh in 1d4 days, leaving only bones. Scavenger beetles eat only dead flesh, and can' t harm living creatures. Once released, the beetles can't be returned to the jar.

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