Psychic Warrior Powers

Level 0 Powers (Talents)

Level 1 Powers

Level 2 Powers

Level 3 Powers

Level 4 Powers

Level 5 Powers

  • Adapt Body: Your body automatically adapts to hostile environments.
  • Barrage: Execute a flurry of swift attacks against nearby targets.
  • Biting Cold: Deal extra cold damage and stagger target.
  • Bonding Strike: Empathically bond two struck creatures together.
  • Catapsi: Psychic static inhibits power manifestation.
  • Metaconcert: Mental concert of two or more increases the total power of the participants.
  • Extradimensional Claws: Your claw attacks ignore armor.
  • Extradimensional Weapon: Your weapon becomes two-dimensional, ignoring armor.
  • Oak Body: Your body becomes as hard as oak.
  • Psychofeedback: Boost Str, Dex, or Con at the expense of one or more other scores.
  • Summoning Strike: Teleport a nearby creature to you and attack it.

Level 6 Powers

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