Book Lariat: (3 Silver) This braided metal cord comes with a clasp that affixes to the lock of a standard spellbook. The other end of the cord attaches to a belt or belt loop. The cord is 10 feet long and retractable. If you drop your spellbook while it's attached to the lariat, you can recover the spellbook as a standard action. While attached to you, the book can never be farther than 10 feet from you. Unclasping the book requires a move action, or the cord can be cut to free the book (hardness 5, hp 10).

Book of Puzzles: (50 Gold) Each book contains 10 puzzles made to test the mind and stir the intellect. Solving a single puzzle requires at least an hour and a successful DC 10 Intelligence check, though every 5 points by which you exceed the check reduces the amount of time you need to solve the puzzle by 10 minutes (to a minimum of 10 minutes to solve an individual puzzle). Once you solve a puzzle, for the next 24 hours you can choose to roll twice on a single Disable Device, Knowledge, or Sense Motive skill check and take the higher result. Once all the puzzles are solved, the book is useless, though you can purchase another puzzle book with different puzzles.

Book of War Prayers: (50 Gold) This small , leather-bound collection of war prayers features pages of fine vellum. If you have a Charisma of 13 or higher, or at least 1 rank in Perform (oratory), you can read aloud prayers from the book before battle to hearten others for the trials to come. Reading prayers for this effect takes 10 minutes. You grant those who hear your prayers a +2 morale bonus on the next saving throw against fear they attempt, as long as that saving throw is made in the next 24 hours.

Braille Bracelet: (25 Gold): This bracelet contains 10 small clay beads, each carved with a raised symbol. The beads can be removed from the bracelet cord and rearranged in any order. Once arranged, the carvings can be felt with the fingers to determine the symbols' meaning and decipher any message the bracelet is meant to convey. A single bead could impart a simple message, or multiple beads can be strung together to form more complicated messages. Interpreting the beads allows individuals to communicate in absolute silence, even in complete darkness or otherwise unable to see. To use the beads properly, you and your allies must assign each bead a meaning prior to using the bracelet in this way. Recalling the meaning of a single bead requires a successful DC 10 Intelligence check. Conveying more complicated messages increases this check by 2 for each additional bead used. Deciphering the message is practically impossible for a creature that doesn't know the meanings assigned to the beads, increasing the DC by 20.

Lightfire Ink (40 Gold): This alchemically infused ink ensures secret messages destroy themselves after being read. If light strikes the ink after it has dried, chemicals cause it to spontaneously com bust within about a minute. The combustion is small-not significant enough to ignite anything but paper. Ink used on other materials such as stone or wood simply vanishes, leaving no trace of the writing. A vial of this ink holds enough to write 10 brief messages of no more than 50 words each.

Tome of Epics (50 Gold): This hefty book is bound in oilskin and decorated with scenes of glorious combat between ancient heroes and ferocious monsters. It contains several tales of valor, defeat, and victory, all with brightly colored illustrations. After consulting the book for 1 hour, for the next 24 hours you gain a +2 bonus on Perform (oratory) and Perform (vocal) checks and a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks pertaining to heroic lineages.

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