Setting Sun

Strength is an illusion. Adherents of the Setting Sun philosophy understand that no warrior can hope to be stronger, quicker and more skillful than every one of her enemies. Therefore, this discipline includes maneuvers that use an adversary's power and speed against him. Setting Sun maneuvers include throws and imitative strikes. The highest forms of Setting Sun require an adept to empty herself of preconception and impulse to become a hollow vessel unhindered by want.

Key Skill: Sense Motive

Associated Weapons: Light Blades, Monk Weapons, Polearms

Level 1 Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Counter Charge Counter Ruin charge attack, force charging foe to move away from you
Mighty Throw Strike Grab foe, throw him up to 10 feet
Step of the Wind Stance Ignore difficult terrain, gain bonuses against foes in such terrain

Level 2 Maneuvers

*Requires level 3

Maneuver Type Description
Baffling Defense Counter Use Sense Motive to dodge an attack
Clever Positioning Strike Swap positions with target of attack

Level 3 Maneuvers

*Requires level 5

Maneuver Type Description
Devastating Throw Strike Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength
Feigned Opening Counter As an immediate action, provoke an attack, then counter
Giant Killing Style Stance +2 bonus on attacks and +4 bonus on damage against larger foes

Level 4 Maneuvers

*Requires level 7

Maneuver Type Description
Comet Throw Strike Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength
Strike of the Broken Shield Strike Attack deals +4d6 damage, makes target flat-footed

Level 5 Maneuvers

*Requires level 9

Maneuver Type Description
Mirrored Pursuit Counter You match target's movement
Shifting Defense Stance 5 foot step with each missed attack against you
Soaring Throw Strike Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength
Stalking Shadow Counter Move into foe's space as he tries to move away from you.

Level 6 Maneuvers

*Requires level 11

Maneuver Type Description
Ballista Throw Strike Throw foe in 60' line, deal 6d6 damage to all in area
Scorpion Parry Counter Parry attack into second opponent

Level 7 Maneuvers

*Requires level 13

Maneuver Type Description
Hydra Slaying Strike Strike Foe is unable to use full attack action

Level 8 Maneuvers

*Requires level 15

Maneuver Type Description
Fool's Strike Counter Reflect Foe's attack
Ghostly Defense Stance Enemies hit target of your choice while you have concealment

Level 9 Maneuvers

*Requires level 17

Maneuver Type Description
Torpedo Throw Strike Move and throw foes repeatedly
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