Cheat Sheath (100 Gold) This ornate leather sheath is covered in tables of magical notation and arcane formulae, as well as common spell triggers and reagents. Referring to these handy bits of notation grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on Spellcraft checks made to learn a spell from a spell book or scroll, prepare a spell from a borrowed spellbook, identify the properties of a magic item using detect magic, or decipher a scroll.

Woad Painting Kit (300 Gold): Though associated with the woad plant, the alchemical ingredients of this blue paste can vary considerably. You can blend material spell components into the paste to paint the components directly on your flesh. Similarly, more complex woad designs can mimic the gestures needed to cast spells, allowing you to prepare stilled spells. Painting a symbol takes 10 minutes, and each gesture requires its own symbol. Symbols used to replicate gestures must be applied when preparing spells; doing so requires a Spellcraft check with a DC equal to 15 + the spell's level. Once you cast a spell, the effects of the woad paint are spent.

Woad paint is sold in small, concentrated blocks (costing 60 gp each) that must be ground into paste on a wooden or stone pallet with a small a mount of water and material spell components. A typical kit contains a pallet and 5 small blocks of paint. One block produces enough paint for 10 component designs or one stilled spell design. Woad paint has no benefit for a non-spellcaster.

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