Spirit Animal

By communing with the powers of their spirit, the shaman can forge a bond with a servant of that spirit known as a spirit animal. A spirit animal is a creature chosen by a shaman to commune with her spirit and grant her special powers. This is treated as a familiar, and it uses the same rules as the wizard’s arcane bond class feature except as noted below. A shaman uses her level as her effective wizard level when determining the abilities of her spirit animal. A shaman can select any familiar available to wizards to serve as her spirit animal, although her spirit animal is augmented by the power of her chosen spirit (as noted below). Once selected, the spirit animal cannot be changed. Although a shaman’s spirit animal uses the statistics of a specific animal, it is treated as an outsider with the native subtype for the purposes of spells and abilities that affect it.

Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack with shaman levels for the purpose of determining any spirit animal abilities that depend on the shaman’s level. If a shaman possesses such levels, her spirit animal always uses the shaman rules for spirit animals, not those provided by familiars other classes (such as wizards or sorcerers with the arcane bloodline). The shaman’s spirit animal is treated as a familiar for the purposes of all spells, effects, and abilities that affect familiars.

If a spirit animal is lost or dies, it can be replaced after 24 hours through a special ritual that costs 500 gp per shaman level. The ritual takes 8 hours to complete.

  • Spirit Animal (Ex): Starting at 1st level, a shaman’s spirit animal gains specific abilities, depending upon the spirit selected by the shaman using the spirit class feature. These abilities affect the animal’s appearance and grant it special abilities that can aid it in serving the shaman and the spirit host. These abilities are described in the spirit animal section of each individual spirit description.
  • Deliver Touch Spells (Su): At 3rd level, her spirit animal can deliver touch spells or hexes for her. If the shaman and the spirit animal are in contact at the time the shaman casts a touch spell, she can designate her animal as the “toucher.” The spirit animal can then deliver the touch spell just as the shaman would. As usual, if the shaman casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates. If the shaman activates a hex, her spirit animal can be used to make the touch; she doesn’t have to be in contact with the animal to use this ability with hexes.
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