Tactician Powers

0-Level (Talents)

1st Level

2nd Level

3rd Level

4th Level

5th Level

  • Adapt Body: Your body automatically adapts to hostile environments.
  • Catapsi: Psychic static inhibits power manifestation.
  • Incarnate: Make some powers permanent.
  • Metaconcert: Mental concert of two or more increases the total power of the participants.
  • Power Resistance: Grant PR equal to 12 + level.
  • Prowess as One: You and another share the use of the highest base attack bonus between you.
  • Tower of Iron Will: Grant PR 19 against mind-affecting powers to all creatures within 10 ft. until your next turn.
  • Upheaval: Telekinetically hurl portions of the ground into the air, dealing damage and causing difficulty in moving.

6th Level

7th Level

8th Level

  • Ability as One: You and another share one ability score between you.
  • Barred Mind: Subject immune to scrying and remote viewing and gains bonus to mental effects.
  • Hypercognition: You can deduce almost anything.
  • Halt Battle: Force all nearby creatures to stop fighting.

9th Level

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