A psion who chooses the discipline of telepathy is known as a telepath. He is the master of powers that allow mental contact and control of other sentient creatures. A telepath can deceive or destroy the minds of his enemies with ease.

  • Mental Intrusion (Ex): At 2nd level, as long as you maintain psionic focus, increase the save DC of any mind-affecting power you manifest by 1 for every 2 power points you spend augmenting the power, provided the augmentation does not already increase the power’s save DC. For the purpose of this ability, you may spend additional power points augmenting a mind-affecting power’s save DC even on a power that normally does not have any augment options.
  • Telepathy (Su): At 8th level, you gain telepathy out to 400 ft. and can communicate with any creature, regardless of intelligence, so long as they have an Intelligence of 1 or higher. The range of your telepathy increases by 10 ft. every psion level thereafter. Additionally, as long as you maintain psionic focus, you can detect other creatures within 30 ft. using telepathy to communicate, although you cannot determine the content of the communication.
  • Last Respite (Su): At 14th level, once per day, if you are about to suffer damage that would result in your death, as an immediate action, you can shunt your mind into the body of a creature within 30 ft., effectively granting you the benefits of mind switch (Will save negates DC 10 + half psion level + Intelligence modifier) and your original body is left stable, but its hit point total is left one point of damage away from death. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to your psion level.You must secure a permanent body for your mind, either by healing your original body, through the use of a power such as true mind switch, or some other means to permanently inhabit a body, by the end of the effect’s duration or die. This is considered a mindaffecting effect. You can take this action even if you are unconscious. This ability cannot be used against effects that outright kill or that deal ability damage, only against effects that deal hit point damage.
  • Guarded Thoughts (Su): At 20th level, you gain increased protection from mind-affecting effects, granting you a +10 bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects.

Discipline Powers

1st Level

  • Empathic Connection: Makes one person your friend.
  • Guidance, Psionic: Subject gains +2 bonus on skill checks with a skill you have ranks in.
  • Mindlink: You forge a limited mental bond with another creature.
  • Suppress Compulsion: You attempt to free a target temporarily from another’s control using conflicting signals.

2nd Level

  • Aversion: Subject has aversion you specify.
  • Brain Lock: Subject cannot move or take any mental actions.
  • Compelling Voice: Compels subject to follow stated course of action.
  • Read Thoughts: Detect surface thoughts of creatures in range.
  • Sense Minds: Detect non-mindless creatures with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Summon: Subjects knows gains a general idea of where you are and that you want them to come to you.

3rd Level

4th Level

  • Alienation: Subject loses ability to communicate with or understand others.
  • Fear Cascade: Paralyze one target and cause nearby enemies to become shaken.
  • Memory Modification: Changes 5 minutes of subject’s memories.
  • Mind Bridge: Create a permanent telepathic bond with another telepath.
  • Mind Control: Control target telepathically.
  • Mindlink, Thieving: Borrow knowledge of a subject’s power.
  • Schism: Your partitioned mind can manifest lower level powers.
  • Sensory Cascade: Trigger a dazing cascade in the senses of the target.
  • Teach: Target gains 1 rank in a skill you have at least 4 ranks in.

5th Level

  • Memorized Personality: Create a second personality within your subconscious mind.
  • Metaconcert: Mental concert of two or more increases the total power of the participants.
  • Mind Probe: You discover the subject’s secret thoughts.

6th level

  • Mind Switch: You switch minds with another
  • Neopsyche: Create a second personality within the subject’s mind which may take over their body.

7th Level

8th Level

9th Level

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