Tiger Claw

Consciousness is the enemy of instinct. The Tiger Claw discipline teaches that martial superiority can be achieved by discarding the veneer of civilization, along with the higher thoughts that fetter a warrior's actions. Tiger Claw maneuvers emulate the strikes, leaps and pounces of animals. When infused with ki power, some Tiger Claw maneuvers also allow a martial adept to take on animalistic characteristics, speed and bloodlust.

Key Skill: Acrobatics

Associated Weapons: Axes, Close Weapons, Monk Weapons

Level 1 Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Blood in the Water Stance Gain a +1 to attack and damage for every critical hit
Hunter's Sense Stance Gain Scent
Sudden Leap Boost Jump as a swift action
Wolf Fang Strike Strike Attack with two weapons

Level 2 Maneuvers

*Requires level 3

Maneuver Type Description
Claw at the Moon Strike Make an Acrobatics check to deal +2d6 damage
Rabid Wolf Strike Strike Gain +4 bonus to attack, deal +2d6 damage, take -4 penalty to AC

Level 3 Maneuvers

*Requires level 5

Maneuver Type Description
Flesh Ripper Strike Foe's attacks and AC have a -4 penalty
Leaping Dragon Stance Stance +10 on Acrobatics checks, always considered to be running when jumping
Soaring Raptor Strike Strike Attack larger foe from above with +4 bonus to hit and +6d6 damage
Wolverine Stance Stance No penalty for attacking while grappled

Level 4 Maneuvers

*Requires level 7

Maneuver Type Description
Death from Above Strike Leap into the air, attack foe from above, deal +4d6 damage
Fountain of Blood Boost Defeat opponent, cause fear in other enemies

Level 5 Maneuvers

*Requires level 9

Maneuver Type Description
Dancing Mongoose Boost Make one extra attack with each weapon (Max: 2)
Pouncing Charge Strike When you charge, make multiple attacks

Level 6 Maneuvers

*Requires level 11

Maneuver Type Description
Rabid Bear Strike Strike Gain +4 to hit, deal +10d6 damage, take -4 penalty to AC
Wolf Climbs the Mountain Strike Enter a larger foe's square, deal +5d6 damage, gain cover from the foe

Level 7 Maneuvers

*Requires level 13

Maneuver Type Description
Hamstring Attack Strike Deal 1d8 dexterity damage and -10 penalty to speed
Prey on the Weak Stance Attack of opportunity with each foe that drops.
Swooping Dragon Strike Strike Jump over foe, deal +10d6 damage, stun

Level 8 Maneuvers

*Requires level 15

Maneuver Type Description
Girallon Windmill Flesh Rip Boost Gain ability to Rend with successful attacks
Raging Mongoose Boost Gain two extra attacks with each weapon (Max 4)
Wolf Pack Tactics Stance Gain free 5 foot step with each successful attack

Level 9 Maneuvers

*Requires level 17

Maneuver Type Description
Feral Death Blow Strike Leap upon foe, slay him with a single strike
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