Vitalist Powers

0-Level Vitalist Powers (Talents)

Dazzle: Temporarily disrupt your enemy’s vision.
Detect Psionics: You detect the presence of psionics.
Disruptive Touch: Your touch staggers enemies.
Hinder: Cause your target to take a -1 penalty to a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Induce Pain: Deal 1d3 points of damage to a nearby creature.
Sense Poison: Detect the presence of poison in a creature.
Sicken Body: Cause a creature to be sickened for a brief time.
Vim: Gain 1 temporary hit point.

1st Level Vitalist Powers

Biofeedback: Gain DR 2/–.
Collapse: Force a creature to fall down
Detect Compulsion: You know if the target is controlled.
Elfsight: Gain low-light vision and +2 bonus on vision-based Perception checks.
Missive: Send a one-way telepathic message to subject
Natural Healing: Heal 3 points of damage
Sense Link: You sense what the subject senses (single sense).
Suppress Compulsion: You attempt to free a target temporarily from another’s control using conflicting signals.
Synesthete: You receive one kind of sense when another sense is stimulated.
Thicken Skin: Gain +1 enhancement bonus to your AC for 10 min./level.
Vigor: Gain 5 temporary hit points.

2nd Level Vitalist Powers

Animal Affinity: Gain +4 enhancement to one ability.
Body Adjustment: Heal 1d12 damage.
Body Equilibrium: You can walk on nonsolid surfaces.
Empathic Condition Relief: You relieve a target’s condition.
Empathic Transfer: Transfer another’s wounds to yourself.
Energy Adaptation, Specified: Gain resistance 10 to one energy type.
Preserve Psyche: Contain the mind of a recently slain creature so that it can be affected by psionic revivify.
Psychic Bodyguard: You make a target’s Will saving throws for it.
Resist Toxin: Your body becomes temporarily immune to poison.
Share Pain: Willing subject takes some of your damage.
Sustenance: Go without food and water for one day.

3rd Level Vitalist Powers

Battlesense: Mental heads-up display allows for improved teamwork.
Body Purification: You restore 2 points of ability damage.
Danger Sense: You gain +4 bonus against traps.
Empathic Transfer, Hostile: Your touch transfers your hurt to another.
Endorphin Surge: You incite a rush of endorphins, augmenting your physical form
Guarded Sleep: Subject’s mind is protected while asleep, and awakens in peak condition.
Hustle: Instantly gain a move action.
Mend Body: Heal yourself for 3d8 points of damage.
Resist Death: Gain protection against negative energy effects.
Share Pain, Forced: Unwilling subject takes some of your damage.
Solicit Psicrystal: Your psicrystal takes over your concentration power.

4th Level Vitalist Powers

Empathic Feedback: When you are hit in melee, your attacker takes damage.
Energy Adaptation: Your body converts energy to harmless light.
Evade Burst: You take no damage from a burst on a successful Reflex save.
Immovability: You are almost impossible to move and gain DR 15/–.
Incite Passion: Suppress the target’s ability to understand logic.
Inertial Barrier: Gain DR 5/–.
Physical Acceleration: You move faster, gain +1 on attacks, AC, and Reflex saves.
Psychic Drain: Touch attack drains 2 power points/level from foe.
Psychic Reformation: Subject can choose skills, feats, and powers anew for previous levels.
Wither: Cause the target’s muscles to lose their strength.

5th Level Vitalist Powers

Adapt Body: Your body automatically adapts to hostile environments.
Incarnate: Make some powers permanent.
Leech Field: Leech power points each time you make a saving throw.
Power Resistance: Grant PR equal to 12 + level.
Psionic Revivify: Return the dead to life before the psyche leaves the corpse.
Psychofeedback: Boost Str, Dex, or Con at the expense of one or more other scores.
Restore Extremity: Return a lost digit, limb, or other appendage to subject.
Tower of Iron Will: Grant PR 19 against mind-affecting powers to all creatures within 10 ft. until your next turn.

6th Level Vitalist Powers

Aura Alteration: Repairs psyche or makes subject seem to be something it is not.
Brutalize Wounds: Your target takes more damage than normal from wounds.
Cleanse Spirit: Restores level and ability score drains.
Defer Fatality: You avoid death through suspended animation.
Fuse Flesh: Fuse subject’s flesh, creating a helpless mass.
Heal Injuries: Heal large amount of damage.
Suspend Life: Put yourself into a state akin to suspended animation.
Trigger Power: Sets trigger condition for another power.

7th Level Vitalist Powers

Barred Mind, Personal: You are immune to scrying and mental effects.
Bend Reality: Alters reality within power limits.
Crisis of Life: Stop subject’s heart.
Energy Conversion: Offensively channel energy you’ve absorbed.
Oak Body: Your body becomes as hard as oak.

8th Level Vitalist Powers

Barred Mind: Subject is immune to scrying and remote viewing, and gains bonus to mental effects.
Body of Iron: Your body becomes living iron.
True Metabolism: You regenerate 10 hit points/round.

9th Level Vitalist Powers

Affinity Field: Effects that affect you also affects others.
Assimilate: Incorporate creature into your own body.
Fusion: You combine yourself abilities and form with another.
Psychic Chirugery: You repair psychic damage or impart knowledge of new powers.
Regenerative Aura: Heal all creatures within range for 25 hit points per round (max 250 hit points).
Timeless Body: Ignore all harmful, and helpful, effects for 1 round.

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