Volley Style

Volley marksmen are all about sending out as many projectiles as possible. These marksmen are great at hitting multiple targets, turning an opponent into a pincushion, or drawing a bow with such rapid rate of fire as to seem faster than the eye can see.

Style Technique: Once a marksman has reached 2nd level, she may expend her psionic focus while making a full attack with a ranged or thrown weapon to gain one additional attack. This extra attack does not stack with other effects that grant additional attacks such as haste, physical acceleration, or the speed weapon special ability. Beginning at 15th level, this technique does stack with additional attacks such as those from haste, physical acceleration, or the speed weapon special ability.

Style Skill: At 3rd level, a volley marksman gains a +1 bonus to Perception. This bonus increases by 1 every three marksman levels thereafter.

Style Mantra: Beginning at 3rd level, as long as a volley marksman maintains psionic focus, she gains a +1 competence bonus to her Initiative and Reflex saves. At 7th level and every four marksman levels thereafter, the competence bonus improves by 1.

  • Split Shot (Su): A volley marksman is capable of psychokinetically splitting a ranged attack inflight to hit two targets. When activated, a single ranged attack made by the marksman can strike one additional target within within 15 ft. of the initial target. Roll damage normally and split the damage to each target equally. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + the marksman’s Wisdom modifier.
  • Quick Volley (Su): Volley marksmen of 8th level learn to fire their weapons rapidly while needing to maintain mobility. As long as the marksman maintains psionic focus, she can make a full attack with a ranged or thrown weapon while also moving her full movement, but suffers a -4 penalty to all attacks made during the round and suffers a -2 penalty to her Armor Class until the beginning of her next turn.
  • Burst Arrows (Su): At 12th level, a volley marksman is capable of charging her ranged attacks with psychokinetic energy to explode and disrupt enemies. Once per day as part of a full attack with a ranged or thrown weapon, the marksman can expend psionic focus and have the space occupied by each target treated as if covered in caltrops for a number of rounds equal to her Wisdom modifier. In addition, all creatures within a 5 ft. radius of the struck target take damage equal to the marksman’s Wisdom modifier unless they make a successful Reflex save (DC 10 + half marksman level + marksman’s Wisdom modifier). This ability can be used an additional time per day every two marksman levels thereafter.
  • Vicious Volley (Su): Beginning at 16th level, a volley marksman is able to make her arrows more deadly and accurate. When making a full attack with a ranged or thrown weapon, the marksman may make two attack rolls for each attack in the full attack and take the better roll. This ability may be used once every 10 minutes.

Master Technique: Upon reaching 20th level, the volley marksman gains the master technique Block the Sun.

  • Block the Sun: As a full-round action, you can choose two five foot squares per attack roll you would normally make during a full attack. Each targeted square must be adjacent to another targeted square. Make one attack roll at your highest attack bonus and use that against any creature or creatures in each affected square. If the attack is successful, you deal damage normally to each target successfully struck. If your attack threatens a critical, roll to confirm separately for each target struck. In addition, each square affected is treated as difficult terrain due to the volume of shots unleashed. Using this ability expends four units of ammunition (or one thrown weapon) per square affected and cannot be used unless sufficient ammunition is available. Alternately, the marksman may use one unit of ammunition per square affected or a single thrown weapon by expending one use of Split Shot, but does not gain the usual benefit of Split Shot this round. This ability may be combined with the Vicious Volley style ability.

Style Feats: Crossbow Mastery, Manyshot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot

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