Warrior's Surge

Wild Surge and Psychic Enervation: A warrior wilder embraces the surge of adrenaline, the rush of combat and melee and thus her connection to her body is far more intense. When she rides the wave of her combat-driven emotions, rage and fear foremost, the strain can sometimes be too high for her body to bear. A warrior wilder overcome by psychic enervation is staggered until the end of her next turn and loses a number of hit points equal to her normal manifester level (the increase in manifester level from her wild surge does not increase the number of hit points lost). The warrior wilder may expend her psionic focus as a free action when she would suffer psychic enervation to convert this damage into power point loss, although she is still staggered as normal.

Surge Bond: The warrior wilder gains the Toughness feat as a bonus feat.

Improved Surge Bond: At 5th level, the warrior wilder gains the Hardened Body ability.

  • Hardened Body (Ex): A warrior wilder’s deep and intense connection to her body means that when her mind surges with power, her body grows more powerful. Beginning at 5th level, the wilder gains 5 temporary hit points whenever they gain the benefits of surging euphoria. These temporary hit points last for the duration of the warrior wilder’s surging euphoria. Every four levels beyond 5th (9th, 13th, and 17th level), these temporary hit points increase by 5 (to 10 at 9th level, etc.).
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