White Raven

No warrior fights in isolation. Cooperation, teamwork, and leadership can give two warriors the strength of five, and five warriors the strength of twenty. The student of the White Raven masters maneuvers that combine the strengths of two or more allies against a common foe. Shouts and battlecries infused with ki are the signature maneuvers of the White Raven discipline.

Key Skill: Diplomacy

Associated Weapons: Heavy Blades, Hammers, Spears

Level 1 Maneuvers

Maneuver Type Description
Bolstering Voice Stance Allies gain +2 bonus on Will saves, +4 against Fear
Douse the Flames Strike Target cannot make attacks of opportunity for 1 round
Leading the Attack Strike Allies gain +4 bonus on attacks against foe you strike
Leading the Charge Stance Allies gain +1/level bonus on damage rolls when they charge

Level 2 Maneuvers

*Requires level 3

Maneuver Type Description
Battle Leader's Charge Strike No attacks of opportunity while charging, deal +10 damage
Tactical Strike Strike Deal +2d6 damage, adjacent allies move 5 feet.

Level 3 Maneuvers

*Requires level 5

Maneuver Type Description
Lion's Roar Boost Defeat enemy, allies deal +5 damage
Tactics of the Wolf Stance You and allies deal +1 damage/2 levels against flanked target.
White Raven Tactics Boost Ally's initiative changes, he can act again

Level 4 Maneuvers

* Requires level 7

Maneuver Type Description
Covering Strike Boost Every opponent you strike cannot make attacks of opportunity for 3 rounds
White Raven Strike Strike Deal +4d6 damage, target becomes flat-footed.

Level 5 Maneuvers

*Requires level 9

Maneuver Type Description
Flanking Maneuver Strike Hit Flanked target, allies get free attack
Press the Advantage Stance Move +5 feet with 5 foot step, move into difficult terrain

Level 6 Maneuvers

*Requires level 11

Maneuver Type Description
Order Forged from Chaos N/A Allies move up to their speed during your turn.
War Leader's Charge Strike No attacks of opportunity while charging, deal +35 damage.

Level 7 Maneuvers

*Requires level 13

Maneuver Type Description
Clarion Call Boost If you drop a foe, allies within 60 feet can make a free attack or take a move action.
Swarming Assault Strike Allies make free attacks against a foe you strike.

Level 8 Maneuvers

*Requires level 15

Maneuver Type Description
Swarm Tactics Stance Allies gain +5 on attacks against enemy adjacent to you.
White Raven Hammer Strike Deal +6d6 damage, stun opponent

Level 9 Maneuvers

*Requires level 17

Maneuver Type Description
War Master's Charge Strike You and all allies charge, no attacks of opportunity, deal extra damage, stun.
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